On Hiatus…

On Hiatus

The Church of Halloween is currently on hiatus... but don't worry, we'll be back with all the ghoulish goodness you can stand in no time.

By the way, would you like to post on the Church of Halloween? Well then, we will be opening this site up to utter chaos with hopefully the most miscreant of people. If you want to write about stuff you see, expose your own work, shine a light on a friend's stuff or just feel the need to scream about the spooky, let us know! Simply email Starkweather (at) churchofhalloween (dot) com.

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The Steampunk World’s Fair

The Steampunk World's Fair

The largest Steampunk event in the world is also one of the friendliest and most welcoming!

At The Steampunk World's Fair you’ll find more performers and shows than just about anywhere in the Steampunk nation. We are NOT a convention - we're a rambunctious and uncontainable Festival! We're a little like a Renaissance Faire, but full of Steampunk treasures, other splendid things, a sense of humor, and scones - lots of scones.

May 15-17, 2016 / $20-40 Get Tickets
Radisson Hotel / Piscataway, New Jersey View Map

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Rocchetti Parrucche

Rocchetti Parrucche
Rocchetti Parrucche Rocchetti Parrucche

Rocchetti is at the center of the art of highly personalized custom wigs and hairpieces for over 100 years. Artists who have worn our creations include Al Pacino, Sophia Loren, Robert De Niro, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall and Monica Bellucci.

Today, this same attention to detail is available to customers outside of the entertainment industry. To know more about the beautiful quality of our wigs and hair pieces for everyday use or special occasions, come and see with your own eyes the extensive inventory of creations available.

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The Film Cell

The Film Cell
The Film Cell The Film Cell
The Film Cell specialize in film merchandise, & movie costume ideas. We have a huge range of movie replicas and fancy dress party costumes from sexy costumes for hen night parties to pirate costume ideas for adults. www.thefilmcell.com
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Volpin Props

Volpin Props
Volpin Props Volpin Props

I’ve been building things for as long as I can remember. Propmaking has been a hobby and borderline obsession of mine since the end of 2007. Halloween was a gateway drug back then, and ever since I’ve spent my evenings and free time sculpting, molding, sanding, and carving. I tend to mainly skew towards replicas from video games and sci-fi, because everyone loves a good fantasy rifle.

Some of my projects have been commissioned and others have been just for fun, but they’ve all required a continuous learning process and have resulted in hours upon hours of effort. I rarely build the same thing twice; learning new materials, techniques, and skills is part of my addiction to my craft. I prefer to push myself to try new things and expand my skill set so I can continue to make more complex and intricate pieces with each new project I attempt.

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Dark Creations ATX

Dark Creations ATX
Dark Creations ATX Dark Creations ATX

The finest in custom character Halloween costumes and horror-wear. Dark Creations ATX offers you the chance to dress as that favorite serial killer or villain by creating some of the most detailed custom costumes available today.

Whatever your particular reasons may be for dressing up as your favorite horror character this is simply a fun way for us "happy folks to be unhappy for a while"... even if it is only for an hour and a half or so.

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Michael Gullbrandson

Michael Gullbrandson
Michael Gullbrandson Michael Gullbrandson

I’m a guy who loves creating art. It’s been a passion for me for as long as I can remember and no matter what I do in life, I always get pulled back into it. For me art is a gateway into other realms, more exciting and much more interesting than our own mundane everyday world. Anything can happen in these realms and they keep the magic alive within me. If I want to steal away for a little while, all I have to do is lift my pen and start drawing something. I believe creativity is one of the most important aspects in life. The ability to dream of things beyond ourselves and having the skill to act upon it. Whatever the artform, whether it be drawing and painting, or being able to compose music and to play musical instruments, writing, sculpting or you name it; these things are among the most fundamental principals in mankind, and I’m immensely grateful for having the skill to be able to do my part on the art scene.

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