Ed Repka

Ed Repka
Ed Repka Ed Repka

A connoisseur of the grotesque and proponent of supernatural realism, Ed Repka is known worldwide for his illustrations of Vic Rattlehead, Megadeth's skeletal mascot, which for over a decade have adorned CD covers, posters, t-shirts, and hordes of other metal merchandise.

Regarded as the undisputed king of "Thrash" metal art of the '80's, he specializes in menacing reminders of impending apocalypse, and grim visions of the irradiated aftermath. His vibrant abuse of color and shadow combined with darkly satirical characterizations form his distinctive style which has garnered commissions from clients such as Atlantic Records, Brockum, Capital Records, Earache, Metal Blade, Ryko, Roadrunner, Screamin', Topps, and others for use on CD covers, video covers, posters, trading cards, t-shirts, toys, and comics.

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Clayguy Clayguy

In the pages and photos that follow you're sure to find many of your favorite characters from Movies, Television, Comics and Books. My figures start as unique sculptures made from a plastic sculpting putty. When finished, a silicone rubber mold is made of the original sculpture. When the mold is complete, poly-urethane resin goes into the mold and out comes a plastic duplicate of my original sculpture. Then each figure is hand painted and finished and comes complete with a nameplate and base as shown. Over 100 characters are available and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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The Horror Honeys

The Horror Honeys
The Horror Honeys The Horror Honeys

The Horror Honeys is a collection of strong minded, badass women with foul mouths who are in love with all things horror. We write, live tweet, interview, podcast, panel, rant, and rave about everything we love (and hate) about the horror genre.

The Horror Honeys are Full-On Female Fronted Horror, without all that bullshit about being a victim.

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Joshua Viola

Joshua Viola
Joshua Viola Joshua Viola

Joshua Viola is an American science fiction/fantasy author best known for his eleven-time award-winning ultra-violent novel, The Bane of Yoto as well as a career in design and video game development.

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Scott Bisson

Scott Bisson
Scott Bisson Scott Bisson

Scott Bisson began his journey in glass in Philomath, Oregon when he was seventeen. Bending glass tubing over a flame in a high school chemistry class piqued his interest and unknowingly a lifetime obsession and career began. After several years as a hobbyist, Scott made the acquaintance of Skip Horton and later Buzz Williams. With their guidance and tutoring, glass became Scott’s livelihood and ruling passion. For the next four years, Scott led a dual existence as a flame worker and furnace worker. In 1994, Scott took a class at the Pilchuck School of Glass with the world famous Robert Mickleson. This was truly a turning point. According to Scott, “Pilchuck opened my eyes and imagination to what was truly possible and I have never recovered.” In 2004 he studied and lived in Murono, Italy under the direction of Cesare Toffolo.

Scott has now been blowing glass for nineteen years and is currently represented in close to 80 galleries spanning the United States. He specializes in borosilicate flame-work and translates his love of nature into whimsical representations of the world he sees.

Scott has a very high intensity method of producing art. If he isn’t sweating and racing around like a madman he just isn’t doing his best. He believes energy and excitement always create the best work. Skill just isn’t enough. “I put a little bit of myself into every work of art I create. That is how I breath life into each piece”. Scott hates limitations and takes chances most artists wouldn’t dare. “If I don’t lose a piece a day from getting in over my head, then I am not pushing myself hard enough. Skill is the raw material of a great piece, and drive and energy make it take shape”.

Scott’s family consists of his wife Abigail, son Eric and daughter Amy. We also must not forget the two magnificent Siamese cats, chickens, cow, and other animal dependents. In addition to glass, Scott also designs and builds beautiful homes with his wife, a leading Re/Max Broker/Owner. Scott works and teaches out of his private studio in Philomath, OR. He and his assistant sell their creations to art enthusiasts all over the United States.

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Brian Ewing

Brian Ewing
Brian Ewing Brian Ewing

Informed by everything from art nouveau to ukiyo-e woodblock printing, from the full-throttle art of SoCal's "kustom" car culture to the dynamism and self-assured lines of comics, Ewing's work fuses his own creative explorations of perspective, color and space with classic, beloved imagery from rebellious American youth culture: hot punk girls, totally rad skulls, and fields of color aflame. In this way, his work embraces a particular playful naiveté, which he then continues to champion even as his style refines itself and as his technique develops. Ewing reminds us we never have to give up the imagery that fired our imaginations as teenagers; his own success is a signifier for how dearly we hold our own trappings of rebellion, and how they can become a vehicle through which one can mature. With a roster of clients ranging from Metallica and the Warped Tour, to The Strokes and Death Cab For Cutie, and even The New Yorker and a number of advertising agencies, Ewing's resume is a testament to what we love most about music, art, the allure of drama, lust, danger and darkness.

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Fear Fete

Fear Fete
Fear Fete Fear Fete

Fear Fete Horror Film Festival and Convention brings together the greatest horror fans, filmmakers, and professionals in the genre for a weekend of spine tingling entertainment. Fear Fete features chilling horror films, haunted attractions that will leave you breathless, entertaining fan panels, hands-on workshops, killer cosplay, and even more insane events. If you're looking for the ultimate horror experience, then you've found it!

October 16-18, 2015 / $25 Get Tickets
Mississippi Coast Coliseum / Biloxi, MS View Map

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