Jeff Zoet

Jeff Zoet
Jeff Zoet Jeff Zoet

I bring a refreshingly unique style and personality to the world of Photography, Motion Graphics, Cinematography, Directing & Editing. I apply my artistic knowledge to all of these mediums, creating visually interesting content.

I view my art as an always-improving endeavor. I continually push to outdo myself and amaze even those closest to me.

Oh, and my last name is pronounced "Zoot", and literally translates to "sweet" in Dutch.
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Scream Sirens Magazine

Scream Sirens Magazine
Scream Sirens Magazine Scream Sirens Magazine

Scream Sirens seek the cutting edge of all things in art and culture. We highlight the up-and-coming as well as the icons that have paved the way. Scream Sirens strives to promote independent artists and give back to organizations that support these causes.
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ESC & Company

ESC & Company
ESC & Company ESC & Company

Nostalgic seasonal home decor designed by American artisans.

ESC & Company started business in March, 2000 with our first exhibition of a few dozen reproductions of fabric Santas designed by Sharon Andrews. We started as a family business, and remain so today. Since then we have grown to a world-wide manufacturer and distributor of an eclectic product mix including resin, paper-pulp plaster, wood, fabric, metal, pressed cardboard, ceramic and porcelain designs, with thousands of customers world-wide.
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Zombie Bells

Zombie Bells
Zombie Bells Zombie Bells

It was an irresistible desire... A hunger we couldn’t quench. We could no longer resist the urge. We had to build them. Hand sculpted from real human skull dimensions these collectors limited edition Zombie Bells are functional embodiments of undead iron. Great for swings and fitness lifts, we are including FREE Zombie Kettlebell Wristguards for the 1.5 pood (54lbs) and 2 pood (72lbs) editions to ease the arm pressure for heavier overhead training. Make sure to check out the Zombie T and get your freak on!
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Walker Stalker Con – Boston

Walker Stalker Con - Boston

Walker Stalker Con is the fruit of The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James & Eric. The podcast began with an amazing trip to Senoia, GA where James & Eric were able to view the set of The Walking Dead and meet the incredible actors from the show. As a result of this experience, a podcast began and then the idea of a convention focused around recreating that same experience with the cast and crew of the show, along with talented actors and artists from other zombie shows, movies and art.

Walker Stalker Con is not just a convention. It is a fan meet-up and an opportunity for each guest to come away feeling like they’ve had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is three days of events, panels, and experiences that zombie fans won’t find anywhere else!

August 22-23, 2015 / $55 Get Tickets
The Westin Waterfront / Boston, Massachusetts View Map
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Kurtis Rykovich

Kurtis Rykovich
Kurtis Rykovich Kurtis Rykovich

Kurtis grew up in the small mining town of Ely, NV. There was never much culture or Art in the area but his Family and Mentors always encouraged him to pull from his creativity and create a world far better then his own. Kurtis then attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he studied Fine Art which he completed in 2006.

Growing up Kurtis had always had a fascination with fashion, history, and beauty. It is not till he left his small town to attend a university where he started to pull these elements together. “ I am not so much inspired by the history you learn in textbooks, but I am more drawn to the history of an individual, maybe never documented, and how that history has created such a beautiful or slightly eerie being.” Kurtis creates these visions of beauty whose stories appear to be shrouded in ornate clothing and effortless hair, but when observed at more then just a glance you will get a taste of what they have been through or perhaps what they lack.

In the Future Kurtis plans on pushing emotions even further, drawing inspiration from world where people live longer, experience more, and their emotions seem more raw despite their cosmetic appearance, and how this time lapse may affect the history of his imagery.
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Totally Rotten T-Shirts

Totally Rotten T-Shirts
Totally Rotten T-Shirts Totally Rotten T-Shirts

Offensive punk rock clothes for crazy people...

Totally Rotten T-Shirts is the brainchild of Brandon Avery. A twelve-foot tall giant of a man, he holds the world's record for the longest time living fully submerged in a swimming pool full of salad dressing. Brandon founded Totally Rotten T-Shirts with the intent of using the proceeds to fund research into one of the most important issues of our times: the eradication of the flies which buzz around starving children in those "For the cost of a single lap dance from a low-rent stripper, you can feed poor Mngumbai for a month!" commercials.
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