13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor Haunted House

In most buildings, there is no 13th Floor, unfortunately hidden in this one, there is...

As legend has it, the 13th Floor, a haunted house is built from your darkest nightmares. Well, the thing about legends and nightmares is... sometimes they're real. The 13th Floor, Denver's legendary haunted house, is a gut wrenching ride to untold nightmares 13 floors straight down!

What is the terrible secret on the 13th Floor? Superstition? Conspiracy? or something much, much worse?

Horror in the Heart of Denver, I-70 and Brighton Blvd. one block south of the Denver Coliseum.

This Halloween Season, don't just go to a haunted house, experience the one you'll be telling your friends about, experience the legend, experience the World Famous 13th Floor!

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