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Alchemist Dreams
Alchemist Dreams Alchemist Dreams

We're bringing liqueurs back... Alchemist Dreams creates custom liqueurs, handmade from pure organic grain spirit, slowly infused with the finest fruits, herbs and spices.

We didn't exactly set out to make liqueurs. We just set out to make the purest flavours that we could, starting from a pure, flavourless spirit and giving a drink which you would happily sip on its own.

We extracted the flavours in pure, organic grain spirit and added homemade sugar syrup to soften the edges of sharp fruits and peppery spices. We added pure spring water to bring the strength down to something sippable. Then we looked for a name for the drink we'd made. The word we settled on was 'liqueur', a term for any spirit with a strong flavour and added sugar.

It's a broad church, covering everything from creme de cassis to Kahlua, Advocaat to Benedictine, Amaretto to (yes, really) sambuca. The only thing liqueurs really seem to have in common is that they are nothing alike! So we happily call our lovely drinks liqueurs, not just because they fit the proper definition, but because we think 'liqueur' stands for 'unique'.
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