Arx Mortis

Arx Mortis
Arx Mortis Arx Mortis

In an effort to evade the ancient society of Arx Mortis, which continues to control Covington Clinic, this tightly themed journey begins with your escape into the woods north of Killing Town. As you meander through the backwoods of Killing Town, the trail will take you through a mining town, hillbilly homesteads 1940’s style freak show and more. Visitors will face their deepest fears from zombie-like hillbillies to clowns with chainsaws.

Just when you think you’re safe as you emerge at the end of the wooded trail, you’ll enter Covington Clinic. This massive 50,000 square foot indoor portion of Arx Mortis consists of movie quality special effects, live actors, as well as the industry’s most innovative and fear inspiring animatronics.

Your nightmares will come to life as you experience extreme darkness, claustrophobia, gore, and horrors you can’t even begin to imagine.

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