WooDoo Doll – Matilda Thornblade

Matilda Thornblade VooDoo Doll Matilda Thornblade VooDoo Doll Matilda Thornblade VooDoo Doll Matilda Thornblade VooDoo Doll

Do you feel that? A slight prick in your back? Maybe I'll turn up the heat. Is it the fires of hell you feel or do I have a doll that contains your soul? I'll never tell...

WooDoo dolls are hand-crafted, individually lathed, wooden VooDoo dolls. Each one is unique in it’s design and are extremely limited. Happy cursing!

$16.66 @ Vicious Delights
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The Black Broom

The Black Broom
The Black Broom The Black Broom

Here at The Black Broom, we are constantly and persistently coming up with new ideas, many inspired by our patrons, and creating items which we love and hope you will love too! We are dedicated crafters, illustrators, sculptors, art and history lovers working toward the shared goal of offering original, quality pieces as well as reproductions of our favorite antiques. Inspired by a myriad of influences from folk art to various systems of magick to militaria to Victorian & Edwardian ephemera to numerous writers, movements, films, music, art, and lore, we absolutely love what we do and feel tremendous pride and privilege in being given an opportunity to bring these fine, unusual, niche, and maybe even familiar items to you.

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Death Isn’t The End

Death Isn't The End
Death Isn't The End Death Isn't The End

Eclectic oddities and one of a kind human skulls in interesting settings. Death Isn't The End pairs the perfect oddities with perfectly odd people.

I started taking things apart and finding out how they worked as a boy, and that has stuck with me ever since. I've been an avid jeweler and artist for the last 15+ years and I have always had a fascination for treasure and pirates and anything Disney and/or anything with a feel of antiquity! Being a collector of curios and oddities has lead me to acquire a few skulls and skeletons of all types, eventually human. I have become somewhat enamored with anatomy and specifically osteology (the study of bones) which has lead me to where i am now.

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Bonelab Bonelab

Three dimensional puzzles that recreate the look of the real thing, Bonelab models can be easily assembled by anyone. Forget glue and fancy tools... all you need is a couple of fingers!

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Zombie Lens

Zombie Lens
Zombie Lens Zombie Lens

Zombie Lens is the original FDA-approved producer of professional grade theatrical lenses. Our quality and comfort is unsurpassed and our colors are simply the best. With Zombie Lens, you are ordering from an optician and optometrist trained in contact lens fitting and design. All of our lenses are 100% guaranteed.

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iSatanist iSatanist

iSatanist is a site dedicated to Satanists and those in search of knowledge about Satanism & Satanic Products, all in adherence to the Church of Satan. We offer The Highest Embodiment of Satanic Products! Sigil of Baphomet jewelry to Satanic aesthetics all in accordance with the Church of Satan!

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Fi-Machine Fi-Machine

Fi-Machine features unusual crossbody bags, messenger bags, makeup bags, utility belts all originally designed and inspired by dark, gothic fantasy.

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