Industrial Artifacts

Industrial Artifacts
Industrial Artifacts Industrial Artifacts

We scour the old mills, railyards and factories of this country in search of unique pieces that helped in Americas industrial revolution.

We hunt with the sole purpose of finding attention grabbing items for your home, office or shop.

Industrial Artifacts is located in the Western Chicago land area. We deal exclusively in industrial and vintage lighting, seating, benches, tables and other found objects. We have a 20,000+ Sq. Ft. facility with new items arriving every day. Industrial Artifacts specializes in repurposing cast iron artifacts that have been abandoned or forgotten about since the industrial age, and turn them into one-of-a–kind pieces that are unique and attention grabbing. These vintage industrial pieces are functional and growing in popularity. With our repurposed vintage industrial lighting, primitives, chairs, workbenches, and other industrial curiosities, you too can bring a piece of the Industrial age into your home, office, loft, or shop.
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Goth Chic Milano

Goth Chic Milano
Goth Chic Milano Goth Chic Milano

Goth Chic Milano creates and produces handmade accessories basing his work on three simple words: Creativity, Tradition and Quality.

Another very important concept for us is the origin: Milano, northern Italy.

This region is rich in cultural and social inspirations that make it one of the worldwide Capital for fashion and design. It should also be noted that Milano has a strong and ancient tradition of artisan specialized in wood and precious metals carving.

Goth Chic Milano was able to combine the ancient traditions of Italian artisans with modern technologies such as 3D printing and laser engraving, creating and producing accessories with a unique charm.

Wearing Goth Chic accessories means owning something precious and exclusive able to give a touch of unbeatable uniqueness.

The choice of Goth Chic Milano to entrust the sales to a single partner specializes in “handmade” like Etsy offers daily satisfaction in terms of global spread and Brand diffusion.
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Coffin Case

Coffin Case
Coffin Case Coffin Case

What’s the point of playing guitar in a rock and roll band if you’re not going to embrace some of the attitude that has made the music so popular throughout the years? From the moment you step on the stage, you want to be all sneer and swagger, and carrying your guitar in an iconic Coffin Case can make that happen.

Founded in 1995, Coffin Cases began simply as an expression of creativity and a desire to be different. That expression has since grown to become one of the most distinct and recognizable brands in the music world, with artists such as Doyle (The Misfits, Danzig Legacy), John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) and Slayer’s Kerry King all making use of Coffin Cases to carry their gear.

The G-185 Universal Guitar Case is probably the most well known in the Coffin Case lineup. This case fits almost all standard sized electric guitars and features a diamond-tuck red velvet interior. With durability that can stand up to the rigors of the road, you can feel assured that these cases will always make sure your guitar rests in peace.

Coffin Cases aren’t just about cases. They also make a wide assortment of accessories for your guitar. Take the Coffin Case Scarface Guitar Picks 6-Pack, for example. Made from celluloid, these picks feature iconic graphics from the Al Pacino, Brian De Palma movie “Scarface adding a little more character to your style.

From road cases to accessories, Coffin Cases are not only going to give you serious edge, they’re going to make sure your guitars look and sound their best. From the moment you step on the stage until the last note has rung out, your Coffin Case gear will help make you the center of attention.

Photo by Tate Hemlock.
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WickedEyez WickedEyez

WickedEyez is a unique contact lens company that offers a wide variety of high technology specialty colored contact lenses. At WickedEyez we are dedicated in providing superior contact lens designs and up to date technology in order to create the most dazzling cosmetic lenses sold currently in the market.
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Mark Noll Designs

Mark Noll Designs
Mark Noll Designs Mark Noll Designs

Mark Noll is a self-taught artist. He has been woodworking since he was 11 years old. He started Mark Noll Designs to combine his love of wood and art. His main product line is jewelry, but he also draws and creates unique relief carvings of pets which are available here.

Big Bold Jewelry is his trademark. Colorful Bangles and Pendants as well and ornately carved pieces. Mark believes that his Jewelry should make a statement and be noticed.

Mark is always looking to explore new designs and styles and many of these one of a kind carvings are not on the website, but he would be happy to send you photos of anything he has in stock or work with you on a custom design.

A lot of people ask Mark what his fascination is with skulls. It is something that either you get or you don’t. Mark has a background in art and took many anatomy classes. The skull is also the vessel for our brain, the center of our consciousness. It is a symbol of the temporary nature of our existence. Yes, Mark likes skulls and loves carving them.
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Gothic Black Flower Earrings

Gothic Black Flower Earrings
Gothic Black Flower Earrings Gothic Black Flower Earrings

Dark, gothic black flower earrings of acrylic, pressed glass and fire-polished faceted glass. The flowers are accented with antiqued silver decorative bead caps and tiny antiqued silver faceted glass beads.

Approx. 1” long from the bottom of the black gunmetal French hooks.

Also checkout Shysiren's Etsy Shop

$28 @ Shy Siren
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Hell on Heels Couture

Hell on Heels Couture
Hell on Heels Couture Hell on Heels Couture

Hell on Heels Couture was created by fashion designer Nicola Vendettoli. Her passion for fashion and art has always been influenced by her love of pop culture to the gritty punk rock underground and that is evident in all things she creates.

In early 2010, Vendettoli developed her own clothing line, Hell on Heels Couture. The vision for her line came from years in the fashion industry serving as an independant designer, stylist and artist living and working in the music capital of the world, Austin, TX. Each Hell on Heels Couture piece is custom made and hand embellished. Since her start her designs have always been very fashion forward. Creating trends for the counter culture and making a scene is what sets Vendettoli apart from other designers.

She handpicks all of her models, designs the clothes, makes the clothing personally and never uses a pattern. Unconventional methods are used when creating new pieces, "eyeballing" when cutting out fabric and hand building accessories using a freestyle layering method.
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Morgans Mutations

Morgans Mutations
Morgans Mutations Morgans Mutations

One-of-a-kind collectibles ranging from hand sculpted polymer clay items to original artwork all created by Morgans Mutations. I've been asked this many times, and yes... all realistic eyes and teeth that are used in my works are handmade by me, and you cannot get them anywhere else but here.

I make creatures, monsters and mutated things out of polymer clay. I love creating beings that have realistic features, from the eyes, teeth and the wrinkles in its flesh.
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Gothic Rose Antiques

Gothic Rose Antiques
Gothic Rose Antiques Gothic Rose Antiques

Haunting antique decor and macabre gothic goods for the darkly inclined!

Come take a stroll through our shop for macabre old statuary, menacing ironwork & haunting mortuary decor. Light your way through the darkness of a forsaken Victorian era parlor with bewitching chandeliers, candelabras, votive stands & antique sconces. Revamp your sinful boudoir with nocturnal period clothing; phantom opera cloaks, grotesque Estate jewelry, vintage masks, wicked old hat pins & fascinating mourning collectibles. To complete your visit, browse for old medical curiosities, anatomy charts, disturbing old undertaker/surgical tools, embalming fluid jars, bones, apothecary bottles & strange old books.

A touch of Transylvania to be found here!
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