Dracula Clothing

Dracula Clothing
Dracula Clothing Dracula Clothing

I started Dracula Clothing in 2007, I had walked around in Camden and didn't find anything I wanted. The few things that I liked were very expensive. I had traveled around in India and knew they have some tailors that are the best in the world. So I decided to make a shop that has tailor made clothes at a more reasonable price. One of the ways we keep the price down is by sending the clothes directly from the tailor to the customer.

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Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful
Tragic Beautiful Tragic Beautiful

Express your individuality and rebel against mainstream fashion with our range of gothic clothing, alternative fashion, rockabilly clothing, home wares, cosmetics and shoes. We want to revolt against conventional fashion. At Tragic Beautiful we have a range of alternative clothing such as gothic clothing and rockabilly clothing. We are also into any alt fashion genre! EGL, Kawaii, Pastel Goth, Punk, Steampunk & Pinup. Or you can mix and match and evolve your own individual style! We like to seek out the smaller independent designers to provide you the very best in alternative clothing. We are one of the largest and most respected online retailers of alternative clothing in Australia, stocking independent brands like Banned, Hell Bunny, Sourpuss, Too Fast, Punk Rave, Hearts & Roses London, Manic Panic, Pleaser, Demonia and Lime Crime.

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Black Market Art Company

Black Market Art Company
Black Market Art Company Black Market Art Company

Black Market Art Company is a Tattoo Art Clothing Company. All of our designs are hand made originals created specifically for our Company line by some of Today’s Top Tattoo Artists. The artwork is created big and bold and is easy to distinguish even at a distance by the people who know Tattoo Art; Tattoo Artists. You will not find any clip art taken from non-copyright books or graphic designers interpretation of tattoo art. All designs are signed by the artist and printed on the clothing.

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Dusk Moth Designs

Dusk Moth Designs
Dusk Moth Designs Dusk Moth Designs

Return to elegance with Dusk Moth Designs. From old world glamour to the latest cutting edge styles, Dusk Moth fashion embraces refinement and elegance throughout.

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Hades Footwear

Hades Footwear
Hades Footwear Hades Footwear

Hades is a beautiful collection of intricately designed shoes made not only with elegance but a dangerously addictive sex appeal. Originally launched in 2010 as the brand Metropolis, Hades has grown into a well acknowledged designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of provocative heels and sexy footwear with a touch of alternative and designer taste that hasn’t been seen in our new generation of fashion, yet exploding worldwide in popularity. Our shoes have been requested in numerous photo shoots, cat walks, TV shows and even celebrity events! As a strong promoter of individuality rather than conformity, we have put renowned designers and shoemakers together to form one of the most beautiful collections of shoes, each design having its own story and craftsmanship that is sure to make heads turn.

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Dark Garden Corsetry

Dark Garden Corsetry
Dark Garden Corsetry Dark Garden Corsetry

Autumn Adamme established Dark Garden in 1989. Her vision and leadership have brought her company to the forefront of the world’s corset market. Using the finest fabrics, Dark Garden’s amazingly talented craftspeople skillfully build each corset and couture garment.

In addition to its stunning array of designs, the fitting, construction and pattern drafting techniques are also unique to Dark Garden. Unlike most off-the-rack corset makers, the sizes and shapes of the Dark Garden Ready-to-Wear or Made-to-Order corset patterns are based on an average of thousands of custom clients, rather than dress forms. This means Dark Garden corsets are made for real flesh-and-blood people and are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

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