Wanderlust Circus

Wanderlust Circus
Wanderlust Circus Wanderlust Circus

The ways of the Circus are older than the nightclubs, older than the banks, older than the cities. These most ancient of performative traditions have always existed just slightly to the left of the Mundane World. Now, at the first flickering of the 21st Century, our piebald clan is once again shedding its skin and remaking itself in the funhouse mirror image of The Second Great Depression.

To aid and abet this latest glorious rebirth, Wanderlust has established itself as the premiere circus operation in The City of Roses, helmed by Noah Mickens and Nick “The Creature” Harbar, and drawing from a roster of performers, designers and technicians from all the greatest shows on earth. Acrobats, aerialists, hand balancers, stilt dancers, trick ropers, jugglers and jazz-bos, crooners and clowns – these arts are our chosen creed, our map through the wilderness.

Ours is a story of an immortal carnie family blessed and cursed to live forever on the endless road that runs between all ports of call, past every sight and across every barrier. The logic of dreams pervades the spaces between the action onstage and the lives of the characters backstage, and from those artifices to the True World of performer and audience.

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Sleep No More

Sleep No More
Sleep No More Sleep No More

Sleep No More is set in a building with five floors of theatrical action, putatively called the McKittrick Hotel, though with many rooms and features not normally associated with hotels, including those which resemble an antiquated lunatic asylum, doctor's offices, children's bedrooms, a cemetery, indoor courtyards, shops, a padded cell, a ballroom, taxidermist's menageries, and so on. The actors and their environment all adopt the dress, decor, and aesthetic style of the early 20th century, inspired by the shadowy and anxious atmosphere of film noir. The production “leads its audience on a merry, macabre chase up and down stairs, and through minimally illuminated, furniture-cluttered rooms and corridors.” Audience members begin their journey in a fully operational lounge, the Manderley Bar, from which they enter an elevator that transports them to the major floors of the "hotel."

Tickets: $170 Get Tickets
The McKittrick Hotel / New York, NY View Map

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Travel Darkly

Travel Darkly
Travel Darkly Travel Darkly

‘Dark tourism’ involves travelling to places associated with death, suffering or the macabre. The term encompasses a huge range of destinations – from dungeons, cemeteries and battlefields to medical museums and haunted pubs. The purpose of these sites varies considerably; some, like the London Dungeon, are about entertaining visitors with gory stories. Others, including sites of human atrocity like camps of genocide and the memorials and museums dedicated to their memory, are important places of remembrance and education.

Recently theorists have become interested in why dark tourist sites, and the people who visit them, are on the increase. Undoubtedly part of the fascination with ‘dark’ places is a human interest in the more morbid aspects of life – queues of traffic resulting from rubbernecking at car crashes is perhaps testament to this fact, or receiving a link to something you really don’t want to click on, but sort of do… But many of these places also touch on something deeper than that. They offer people opportunities to contemplate life, death, health, illness, history and humanity in modern society. Travel Darkly is a resource for people wishing to visit these sites.

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Museum Vrolik

Museum Vrolik

Museum Vrolik is named after Gerard Vrolik (1775-1859) and his son Willem (1801-1863). Gerard and Willem were both Professor of Anatomy in Amsterdam. Their Museum Vrolikianum was a private collection that could be viewed at their home. The collection included normal anatomy of humans and animals, but also pathological anatomy and congenital malformations.

After the death of Willem Vrolik the specimens were bought by a group of rich Amsterdammers, who gave them to the Athenaeum Illustre in Amsterdam, predecessor to the University of Amsterdam. Although the collection was subsequently expanded by consecutive Amsterdam anatomists, it retained the name ‘Museum Vrolik’. Since 1984 Museum Vrolik has been located in the Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam.

Photos courtesy of Pony People

Museum Vrolik Academic Medical Center / Amsterdam, The Netherlands View Map

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Haunted Scarehouse

Haunted Scarehouse
Haunted Scarehouse Haunted Scarehouse

Regarded by Halloween enthusiasts as Jersey’s most original and innovative haunted attraction, Haunted Scarehouse features two floors of heart-stopping entertainment. Rooms decorated like movie sets, jaw-dropping props, disorienting noises, actors heightening your tension, ratcheting up your fear—it’s all here for your enjoyment. Your night of nonstop shock begins once you set foot on the eerie premises. The lobby, featuring horror memorabilia, tv screens, photo ops, and enticing merchandise, boosts your excitement for the award-winning show. Navigate the darkness, explore two gigantic haunted houses, journey through numerous rooms created by expert set builders, interact with special effects, animated walls, fearfully realistic set pieces and scenes—everything a professional haunted house should be, and much, much more. Inspired by the imaginative genius of pioneer Walt Disney and his theme parks, scarehouse’s creative team strives to match Disney’s awe-inspiring levels of craftsmanship, detail, and live performance. Come and experience for yourself why Haunted Scarehouse was rated scariest haunt in north Jersey by fright tour.

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Wharton, New Jersey View Map

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A Christmas SCAREol

A Christmas SCAREol
A Christmas SCAREol A Christmas SCAREol

Manormortis, the UK’s newest permanent scare attraction at Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Lancashire, will be dusted with festive fright this December as Christmas FestEVIL returns, transforming the attraction into ‘A Christmas SCAREol’ – an immersive 20 minute theatrical scare entertainment experience for fearless families, thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies and courageous kids.

As the wintry darkness falls, travel back in time to 1846, to meet the ghosts of past, present and future as you experience a twisted sequel to Dickens' classic Christmas ghost story, in four fearful dimensions. Take a spine-tingling tour through Ebenezer’s mansion, as ‘christmas spirit’ takes on a whole new meaning...

December 11-13, 2014 / Tickets: £10 Get Tickets
Scare Kingdom Scream Park / Lancashire, United Kingdom View Map

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The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon
The London Dungeon The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is a thrill-filled journey through London’s murky past, turning 1,000 years of history into 90 minutes of laughs, scares, theatre, shocks, rides, special effects, characters, jokes, mazes and storytelling.

The Dungeons brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. It’s hilarious fun and it’s sometimes a bit scary.

The shows are based on real London history and legends (minus the boring bits). You'll get up close and personal with sinister characters including Jack the Ripper and infamous barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd.

It's a fully themed experience. That means 360° sets, full on authenticity and theatrical storytelling. On your journey you'll pass through the Whitechapel Labyrinth of misty East London streets, plague-ravaged houses, the fearsome torture chamber... and see (and feel!) what could have been if Guy Fawkes had succeeded. Believe us, it's better than a sightseeing or boring museum tour of London.

Tickets: £25 Get Tickets
London, United Kingdom View Map

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Castle Dracula – Wildwood, NJ

Castle Dracula Wildwood, NJ
Castle Dracula Wildwood, NJ Castle Dracula Wildwood, NJ

Castle Dracula, or Dracula's Castle, was located on the Nickels' Midway pier at Cedar Avenue and the Boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. It was a combination walk-through and boat ride. The castle was built in 1977 by the Nickels family on top of a pre-existing old mill ride. The old mill, which was originally constructed in 1919, was transformed into the dungeon boat ride, and the upper level became known as Castle Dracula.

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Dr. S.Cary’s Haunted House

Dr. S.Cary's Haunted House

Your adventure starts by entering Dr. Scary's, Dungeons of Terror haunted house. The terror will start immediately. After the initial screams, frights and scares you will continue only to face more screams, evil and terror.

Next, PanDEMONium! This one has multiple paths that will test your resolve. More confusion, screams, frights and scares await you. Will you be able to make it through?? We don’t think so, that’s why there are 10 emergency exits!

Over 30 rooms of scares in the main haunt. More horror, more screams, more evil, more fear and more terror await those brave enough.

Tickets: $14 Get Tickets
Jellystone Park / Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin View Map

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