Little Werewolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Little Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing
Little Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing Little Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing

Did you ever heard about the wolf in sheep's clothing? So werewolves also like to hide their real nature in such an unfair way and teaching their little cubs to pretend to be sheep from very babyhood.

- Approx 20.8 inches (53 centimeters) in length.
- Completely handmade.
- Face, paws and ears are made of polymer clay and colorized with pastels. That provides ceramic-like effect.
- Glass eyes.
- Wire armeture. Fully Posable.
- Made from Faux Fur.

$450 @ Gakman Creatures
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Bride of Frankenstein Statue

Bride of Frankenstein Statue
Bride of Frankenstein Statue Bride of Frankenstein Statue

"You have created a man. Now, together, we will create his mate."

So states the deviant and devious scientist Dr. Pretorius, who blackmails Dr. Henry Frankenstein into resuming his heinous experiments, with the ultimate goal of creating a female counterpart for the Monster. The 1935 film, The Bride of Frankenstein, was director James Whale's superb follow-up to his enormously successful Frankenstein, which introduced Boris Karloff's Monster to the film-going public, and, ultimately, to the pop-culture lexicon. "Bride of Frankenstein" elaborates upon and expands the mythology of the tragic Monster, who, while still capable of great violence, is depicted as a lonely, sympathetic figure longing for companionship. The sequel is a marvel of noir cinema, filled with cavernous sets, evocative lighting and vivid characters including of course, Elsa Lanchester's magnificent title character. The Monster's loneliness, brief moments of happiness and desire for companionship lend genuine pathos to the film. Add a plot that moves along at a solid clip, moments of dark humor seasoned with liberal doses of well-placed camp and strong thematic material that glides just under the film's dark surface, and it becomes clear why The Bride of Frankenstein is regarded as classic cinema.

$299 @ Entertainment Earth
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Shrunken Head Studios

Shrunken Head Studios
Shrunken Head Studios Shrunken Head Studios

Born, Hatched Or Conjured?

No one knows for sure, but we do know founder Brian Dooley's passion for monsters, dinosaurs and all creatures that “bump in the night” started at a very young age. “I believe my first monster encounter was watching Creature From The Black Lagoon at age 3... That changed my life” says Dooley. Ever since that day he has been sculpting and drawing monsters, becoming heavily influenced by the artwork of Bernie Wrightson and William Stout.

A New Jersey native, he began his journey at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pa. in the Industrial Arts. After graduating he pursued his dreams to work for the special effects industry and headed West. Brian has been sculpting for the film and toy industry since 1996. A strong dedication to the craft and fine tuned attention to detail and creative problem solving have fueled his success. Working with film industry effects companies including Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and the Character Shop, as well as the toy benchmark Sideshow Collectibles, have allowed Brian to perfect his craft and start moving his vision of the industry standard to the next level.

Shrunken Head Studios was conceived in 2007 with the goal of being the best Horror / Sci-Fi Toy Company in the industry. Our mission is to present the collectors highly detailed quality products that they will enjoy for years to come. Brian states, “I myself, being a collector and fan, wanted to produce collectibles I felt hadn’t been done. I wanted to make something fun the other fans and collectors would enjoy. Sick minds think alike... and there’s a lot of us out there!”
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One Way Static Records

One Way Static Records
One Way Static Records One Way Static Records

We are an internationally based record label that focuses on releasing high quality motion picture soundtracks & modern day re-scores on high grade packaged vinyl, compact discs, digital downloads and even cassettes.

Established in 2012, One Way Static Records is one of the leading re-issue labels for horror and cult themed soundtracks and was selected by FACT magazine as one of the 'best labels of 2014'.

In our web-store you can find all our products and a selection of releases by like-minded labels, exclusively curated by us. You can also become a member of our exclusive & limited subscription service Static Club.
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The Doctor’s Model Mansion

The Doctor's Model Mansion
The Doctor's Model Mansion The Doctor's Model Mansion

The Doctor bids you greetings and felicitations! Here we explore the amazing world of resin and vinyl modelmaking, brought to amazing fruition by The Doctor himself, Mark C. Glassy, PhD.

We are continually adding new content all the time from The Doctor's amazing collection, so check back often.
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Horror Block

Horror Block
Horror Block Horror Block

Expert, handpicked horror gear just for you...

Horror Block contains licensed merchandise, hand-picked by our team of uber-nerds representing all genres from movies, television, video games, internet, and more! Each item is carefully selected and put through a series of in-house testing based on quality, brand association, collectability, and most important – fun factor.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Horror Block not only delivers on value but also rewards members with exclusive items found nowhere else! At Horror Block we live by our motto: geek tested, nerd approved
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Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily (23 Images)

Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily
Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily

Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily are designers, writers, product creators, sculptors, animators, illustrators and bloggers. Their unique Southern California design studio – The Kevin & Jody Show, Inc. – specializes in "art varieties of all sorts". For over 25 years Kevin and Jody have contributed designs to theme park shows and attractions, from Fantasmic! to Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Best known for their nostalgic collectibles and artwork celebrating the past.

Explore More ...
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Julien Martinez

Julien Martinez
Julien Martinez Julien Martinez

French artist Julien Martinez, born in 1970, has a knack for creating characters imbued with a strong sense of melancholia, with red sagging eyes, wildly unkempt hair and funereal garb. Martinez says his inspiration comes from visual and literary sources, movies and fairy tales, and the history of costumes.
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock
The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

Boys and girls of every age, the witching hour has come. Wouldn't you like to see something strange? Tim Burton and Disney certainly thought you might when they created "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Now this cuckoo clock lets you enjoy the spectacular spookiness of the classic family film every minute of every day! Introducing The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock, specially designed and proudly presented by The Bradford Exchange to fill every hour with lights, motion, and music. Towering a grand 21 inches high, this fully sculptural cuckoo clock recreates the spooky charm of Tim Burton's imaginative classic in vivid detail, while hand-painted elements in vivid, nightmarish colors, bringing all the brilliance of Halloween Town and its creepy denizens to life.

Jack Skellington and Sally stand in front of the Town Hall and Jack's Tower. At the flip of a switch, the windows of Jack's Tower, the ghosts and pumpkins illuminate with glowing light. Instead of a traditional cuckoo on the hour, this clock plays "This is Halloween" while Zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. The clock is powered by a precision quartz movement and features an embellished clock face, complete with spider web design and slightly off-kilter numbers. The swinging brass-toned pendulum is decorated with the Halloween Town Spiral Hill. Decorative pinecone weights hang below, with Shock and Barrel clinging to them while Lock cheers them on from above. But, just like Halloween, this cuckoo clock can't last forever. It is issued in a limited edition of 295 crafting days and strong demand is expected, so don't wait.

$200 @ The Bradford Exchange
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