Neverbug Creations

Neverbug Creations
Neverbug Creations Neverbug Creations

Neverbug Creations, LLC was created by two sisters with a love of creating quality costumes and clothing. This passion was created from years of sewing, started by our mother. With a combined total of over 60 years of experience, we have worked in costuming departments in both high school and college, bridal stores and have done personal alterations. We have sewn our own dresses beginning with the first day of school in 1st grade to our prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and most recently baptismal gowns for our children. Along the way we created many memorable Halloween costumes for ourselves and now love to create clothing and costumes for the many children in our family.

We specialize in supplying party companies with character costumes that are beautifully made, stand up to continued use, launder well and will last.

Be assured that you are getting a quality item.
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Three Muses Clothing

Three Muses Clothing
Three Muses Clothing Three Muses Clothing

A unique boutique with a passion for cosplay, corsetry, burlesque and pin-up wear.

Three Muses specializes in custom designed costume couture, steel boned corsets and also sells ready-to-wear costumes, corsets, lingerie and accessories both online and in our boutique located in Jacksonville, Florida.
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Alice in Wonderland Bodypaint by Elvis Schmoulianoff

Alice in Wonderland Bodypaint by Elvis Schmoulianoff
Alice in Wonderland Bodypaint by Elvis Schmoulianoff Alice in Wonderland Bodypaint by Elvis Schmoulianoff

There is no denying that Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland and her subsequent ambles Through the Looking the Looking Glass have had an enormous impact on my life. The love I had for the books as a child has grown exponentially over the years and to this day are my choice retreat when the world insists on being too serious.

This work is an homage to the magic of Lewis Carroll and the iconic illustrations of John Tenniel that have been shaping the way we see Alice and her Wonderland for the last 150 years.
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Valkyrie Corsets

Valkyrie Corsets
Valkyrie Corsets Valkyrie Corsets

We specialize in beautiful burlesque and bridal corsets but are always happy to create something unique and different when working directly with clients.

We use a variety of the finest fabrics and trims in our designs. They are fashioned using traditional methods with 12 sprung steel bones, back lacing and a front busk fastening. We offer the option of padded cups for extra cleavage and modesty panels behind the lacing. All corsets are made in-house in our Brighton studio to ensure the high quality of construction.
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Jeff Zoet

Jeff Zoet
Jeff Zoet Jeff Zoet

I bring a refreshingly unique style and personality to the world of Photography, Motion Graphics, Cinematography, Directing & Editing. I apply my artistic knowledge to all of these mediums, creating visually interesting content.

I view my art as an always-improving endeavor. I continually push to outdo myself and amaze even those closest to me.

Oh, and my last name is pronounced "Zoot", and literally translates to "sweet" in Dutch.
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SGH Photo Art

SGH Photo Art
SGH PhotoArt SGH PhotoArt

I love the Cosplay because it gives you so much more to be creative with and the Cosplay people are super cool. They have such great costumes and I try to get them in action scenes. So that is what I try to do. No matter what the costume, I will build the scene. Come up with something crazy and we'll do it.
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