Russ Lukich

Russ Lukich
Russ Lukich Russ Lukich

As a professional Creature Fx Artist, I have had the pleasure of creating and contributing to many characters for film and television. I have had the honor to work for and along side many talented people and FX shops. On these pages are some of my contributions to the industry along with personal work and work done for private companies and collectors.
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Somnia Romantica

Somnia Romantica
Somnia Romantica Somnia Romantica

Dark, romantic clothing and accessories inspired by history.

Somnia Romantica is a one person fashion label by Marjolein Turin, based in the Netherlands. Under the name Somnia Romantica she designs and creates garments and accessories for evening life and special occasions. The pieces are inspired by history, often based on authentic patterns. They're adjust to own design and interpretation.

Inspirations are the Western world fashion history, dream scapes, Art Nouveau, Carnaval de Venice, gothic novels, Spanish dancing garments, nature, myths...

Another big part of the designs is lace. For the clothes of Somnia Romantica there is always a search for that one special piece of lace, lace trim, vintage lace etc. The aim of Somnia Romantica is to bring nostalgy, fashion history and (dark-) romantic dream scapes into modern society.
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Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Kaori’s Latex Dreams
Kaori’s Latex Dreams Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Kaori Matsubara is a woman who is passionate about beautiful clothes, and the seductive feeling of latex in equal measure. Continually frustrated with the lack of variety in the design and fit of latex clothing, Kaori finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She vowed to create something different. Something ususual, something sophisticated. Something to flatter the figure- the figures of women who are not necessarily model sized!

After a series of successful fashion shows in London, Amsterdam, Athens and Tokyo, the interest in Kaori’s unique and beautiful creations began to grow, with orders flooding in from all corners of the world. Each piece is a couture creation, and can be anything from a simple skirt to an out-of-this-world latex wedding gown, cut to fit and flatter your body. Kaori’s designs are also renowned for comfort, something that is so important, and such a rarity in latex clothing. You can count on these pieces to feel like a delicious second skin.
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Lord Grimley’s Manor

Lord Grimley's Manor
Lord Grimley's Manor Lord Grimley's Manor

A twisted monster. A financial genius. An underhanded and decidedly evil megalomaniac. A corpse in an upstairs room. A creepy old crook who won't let death get in his way. A silent figure of horrible menace. The owner of a number of companies, including Lord Grimley's Manor, which manufactures and sells Halloween costumes, props, and assorted paraphernalia.
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Global Fear Enterprises

Global Fear Enterprises
Global Fear Enterprises Global Fear Enterprises

Global Fear Enterprises is a full service make-up, character and visual effects studio specializing in design and creation of prosthetics, conceptual design, video production, props, costumes and custom creations. Global Fear Enterprises diverse team of make-up artists, sculptors, concept designers, costume designers and prop builders have created and executed innovative special effects for films, haunted attractions and commercial campaigns. Whatever the size of your project and budget our mission is to keep you 10 steps ahead of the competition with our unique hyper stylized conceptual designs. We are the teeth in the dark.
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Curves and Corsets

Curves and Corsets
Curves and Corsets Curves and Corsets

We offer a beautiful collection of traditional and modern dresses and back laced, spiral steel boned, English corsets in a wide variety of high quality fabrics. The styles shown throughout the collection are available in all fabrics.

It can be difficult and frustrating to find a bustier or corset style tops on the high street that actually fit. Well. The design of many high-street branded clothes will not fit a curvy bust and slim waist. If you are frustrated at constantly having to pull slipping tops up and having a bust that looks crushed, a corset could be for you!
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Ouija Board Latex Dress

Ouija Board Latex Dress
Ouija Board Latex Dress Ouija Board Latex Dress

This witchy creation has a full vertical display of a Ouija Board on the front of the dress, constructed with hand cut and quality appliques. It is also complete with the games planchette on the back of the dress, bringing the total amount of pieces to complete this garment to nearly 100! With the amount of time, craft and care it requires to assemble a garment like this, it is sure to be a show stopper!

$425 @ Vital Vein Fashion
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David Love (23 Images)

David Love
David Love David Love

Fashion, Beauty, Commercial and Lifestyle Photographer.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for over a decade now and have worked with plenty of companies that couldn’t afford stock photos which left me having to search the web for hours for images we could use and then using Photoshop to make them work with the product or site. I’ve always loved Photography and video so I began developing my skills over the years at both to offer this to companies I’ve worked for. I’ve been shooting with point and shoot camera for years building my way up to full frame DSLR. I was just never happy with the quality I was getting even in a web over print world.

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