Industrial Artifacts

Industrial Artifacts
Industrial Artifacts Industrial Artifacts

We scour the old mills, railyards and factories of this country in search of unique pieces that helped in Americas industrial revolution.

We hunt with the sole purpose of finding attention grabbing items for your home, office or shop.

Industrial Artifacts is located in the Western Chicago land area. We deal exclusively in industrial and vintage lighting, seating, benches, tables and other found objects. We have a 20,000+ Sq. Ft. facility with new items arriving every day. Industrial Artifacts specializes in repurposing cast iron artifacts that have been abandoned or forgotten about since the industrial age, and turn them into one-of-a–kind pieces that are unique and attention grabbing. These vintage industrial pieces are functional and growing in popularity. With our repurposed vintage industrial lighting, primitives, chairs, workbenches, and other industrial curiosities, you too can bring a piece of the Industrial age into your home, office, loft, or shop.
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Mark Noll Designs

Mark Noll Designs
Mark Noll Designs Mark Noll Designs

Mark Noll is a self-taught artist. He has been woodworking since he was 11 years old. He started Mark Noll Designs to combine his love of wood and art. His main product line is jewelry, but he also draws and creates unique relief carvings of pets which are available here.

Big Bold Jewelry is his trademark. Colorful Bangles and Pendants as well and ornately carved pieces. Mark believes that his Jewelry should make a statement and be noticed.

Mark is always looking to explore new designs and styles and many of these one of a kind carvings are not on the website, but he would be happy to send you photos of anything he has in stock or work with you on a custom design.

A lot of people ask Mark what his fascination is with skulls. It is something that either you get or you don’t. Mark has a background in art and took many anatomy classes. The skull is also the vessel for our brain, the center of our consciousness. It is a symbol of the temporary nature of our existence. Yes, Mark likes skulls and loves carving them.
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Morgans Mutations

Morgans Mutations
Morgans Mutations Morgans Mutations

One-of-a-kind collectibles ranging from hand sculpted polymer clay items to original artwork all created by Morgans Mutations. I've been asked this many times, and yes... all realistic eyes and teeth that are used in my works are handmade by me, and you cannot get them anywhere else but here.

I make creatures, monsters and mutated things out of polymer clay. I love creating beings that have realistic features, from the eyes, teeth and the wrinkles in its flesh.
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Gothic Rose Antiques

Gothic Rose Antiques
Gothic Rose Antiques Gothic Rose Antiques

Haunting antique decor and macabre gothic goods for the darkly inclined!

Come take a stroll through our shop for macabre old statuary, menacing ironwork & haunting mortuary decor. Light your way through the darkness of a forsaken Victorian era parlor with bewitching chandeliers, candelabras, votive stands & antique sconces. Revamp your sinful boudoir with nocturnal period clothing; phantom opera cloaks, grotesque Estate jewelry, vintage masks, wicked old hat pins & fascinating mourning collectibles. To complete your visit, browse for old medical curiosities, anatomy charts, disturbing old undertaker/surgical tools, embalming fluid jars, bones, apothecary bottles & strange old books.

A touch of Transylvania to be found here!
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Bug Under Glass

Bug Under Glass
Bug Under Glass Bug Under Glass

Bug Under Glass is the real insect art of entomologist and artist Kevin Clarke. His unique and professionally crafted framed insect art has been recognized by top brands (like Pottery Barn/West Elm), interior designers and clients for it’s unique designs, affordability and craftsmanship.

Every display uses gallery quality frames, UV blocking glass and archival mounting materials, plus the professional museum experience and attention to detail Kevin puts into every frame.
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Gallows Table Lamp

Gallows Table Lamp
Gallows Table Lamp Gallows Table Lamp

With a gallows-shape metal support, the electric cable gives life to this person whose head is a reflector lamp hanging from the structure.

Crafted piece produced by enPieza! in its workshop since 2007, production limited to 100 units. Designed by Lucas Muñoz.
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Cast Shadows Studio

Cast Shadows Studio
Cast Shadows Studio Cast Shadows Studio

Richard is a New England based artist, working primarily with sculpture, molding and casting. He specializes in architectural ornamentation, such as Green Men, gargoyles and grotesques. Throughout his career as a professional artist, he has worked on many different subjects for clients. Commercial sculpture work includes window displays for New York stores, F.A.O.Schwarz Toy Store, Macy's, Saks Fifth Ave and more.
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