Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture

Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture
Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture

Hung from your wall or garden gate, this lithe vampire’s beauty belies her dark power. Artist Gary Chang gave his shapely Gothic temptress flaming red tresses, a modest drape of black satin and powerful wings ready to take to the skies. Our intricately sculpted, quality designer resin collectible is finely hand-painted one piece at a time exclusively for Toscano in home or garden gallery.

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Disney Villains Wallpaper

Disney Villains Wallpaper Disney Villains Wallpaper

The Diablo wallpaper is a modern interpretation of Maleficent's pet Raven Diablo, transformed into a dark and sinister design. The Maleficent wallaper is a black on black luxurious flock wallpaper brings Disney's most wicked villain to life in a large scale damask style illustration. Designed by by Barbara Hulanicki.

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Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls

Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls
Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls

The Werewolf skull bears the clear signs of Lycanthropy, melding human and wolf anatomy. The Nosferatu skull possesses both human and bat characteristics invoking vampires and gothic horrors. These monstrous specimens are well suited for scientific display in a curiosity cabinet or part of any gothic decor.

Each measures 7" tall with the base, and 4.5" front to back. Skull is cast in resin and hand painted, mounted on a wooden rod into a painted resin base.

Nosferatu Fetal Skull Display Werewolf Fetal Skull Display
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Beistle Decorations (67 Images)

Beistle Decorations

The Beistle Company was founded in 1900 by Martin Luther Beistle in the basement of his home near Pittsburgh for the production of small imprints and calendars. Eventually business boomed and changed as did the product line and company location. Over time Mr. Beistle moved the company back to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and has since then provided the area with business and jobs. Even during the Great Depression and World Wars the Beistle Company provided work and resources to aid the people and country in times of need. To this day the Beistle Company continues to be run by descendants of ML Beistle.

Over the course of 100 years, the products and catalogs of the Beistle Company have changed dramatically. Originally the company started with calendars, wood children’s toys, and artificial plants but those are not what made the Beistle Company famous. Early on, the Beistle Company partnered with the Paper Novelty Company and soon became a pioneer in honey combed tissue decorations creating a variety of products including bells, balls, toys and Easter bunny nests. Over time the Beistle Company expanded its catalog to cover all the holidays from Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving. But the first seasonal decorations added to the catalog were Halloween. Over 1000 different designs and decorations have been added since 1921 ranging from witches, black cats, bats, owls, spiders and jack o lanterns. The company produced many popular die cut Halloween paper items and helped popularize Halloween decoration in America. The company’s early success was credited to selling inexpensive premade decorations that customers could readily buy from the store.

The Beistle Company has introduced new designs for products over the years. It has always been a company mantra to purchase good quality goods, so the quality of our products don’t suffer; employ and train the best help to have the best quality and keep costs low for the consumer; and create new designs and merchandize so customer interest doesn’t lag. The Beistle Company has decided to bring back select discontinued decorations and sell them under the Vintage Beistle name. Since Halloween was the first seasonal item sold at the Company it is only befitting this line be revived first. Some of the products date back to the 1920’s with designs over 80 years old and originally bared the copyright of Martin Beistle, Henry Luhrs, and other partnerships of the company. It is very hard to come by old party decorations for a true Vintage feel, and we have come to realize that many customers miss these one of a kind decorations. Now through VintgeBeistle.com.com we can sell the same products sold to previous generations and ship them directly to your house, so you are able to add a classic feel to your party and keep a piece of Halloween Americana in your home.

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Grim Wreather

Grim Wreather
Grim Wreather Grim Wreather

In the dead of night, under the frigid light of the full moon, these hideous wreaths will terrorize your gathering of ghoulish guests. Each one is unique, one of a kind, and hand made in my studio. Hang them up on your door, above your mantel or next to your Warhol. Don't be fooled, these are all wicked works of art.

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A is for Alex Poster

A is for Alex Poster
A is for Alex Poster A is for Alex Poster

From the Deck of Scoundrels comes the beloved Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. Alex flaunts his trademark locks and is simply delectable brandishing his sinister grin. How could you not be enamoured by this charming little fellow? Alex is encapsulated by a retro, diamond wallpaper while the initials “A” frame his devious figure.

Viddy well, little brothers. Viddy well...

• Dimensions: 19” High x 13” Wide
• Printed with archival quality inks on premium paper
• Individually signed and numbered
• Vivid, bold colors

Only $9 @ Vicious Delights
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Hallow Kitty Poster

Hallow Kitty Poster
Hallow Kitty Poster Hallow Kitty Poster

Here kitty, kitty... Careful now, this little feline may have a welcoming smirk but if you peer closely into those wonderous eyes, there she might have some devilish tendencies that are ready to pounce.

• Dimensions: 19” High x 13” Wide
• Printed with archival quality inks on premium papers
• Individually signed and numbered
• Vivid, bold colors
• Available in matte, glossy or linen finishes

$9 @ Vicious Delights
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock
The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

Boys and girls of every age, the witching hour has come. Wouldn't you like to see something strange? Tim Burton and Disney certainly thought you might when they created "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Now this cuckoo clock lets you enjoy the spectacular spookiness of the classic family film every minute of every day! Introducing The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock, specially designed and proudly presented by The Bradford Exchange to fill every hour with lights, motion, and music. Towering a grand 21 inches high, this fully sculptural cuckoo clock recreates the spooky charm of Tim Burton's imaginative classic in vivid detail, while hand-painted elements in vivid, nightmarish colors, bringing all the brilliance of Halloween Town and its creepy denizens to life.

Jack Skellington and Sally stand in front of the Town Hall and Jack's Tower. At the flip of a switch, the windows of Jack's Tower, the ghosts and pumpkins illuminate with glowing light. Instead of a traditional cuckoo on the hour, this clock plays "This is Halloween" while Zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. The clock is powered by a precision quartz movement and features an embellished clock face, complete with spider web design and slightly off-kilter numbers. The swinging brass-toned pendulum is decorated with the Halloween Town Spiral Hill. Decorative pinecone weights hang below, with Shock and Barrel clinging to them while Lock cheers them on from above. But, just like Halloween, this cuckoo clock can't last forever. It is issued in a limited edition of 295 crafting days and strong demand is expected, so don't wait.

$200 @ The Bradford Exchange
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