Nemo Mask Armchair

Nemo Armchair
Nemo Armchair Nemo Armchair

Fabio Novembre uses furniture design to tell intense and fascinating stories in which the protagonist is often the human figure. This human figure is capable of becoming abstract and universal, able to propose a mythic beauty as occurred in Greek art. So that Nemo, a face with classic features is hollowed out to create an inhabitable space. The result is a head-armchair to be lived from the inside. Like a mask, it simultaneously conceals and reveals its inhabitant.

$1,620 @ Mobili Mobel
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American International Pictures Posters (47 Images)

American International Pictures Posters
American International Pictures Posters American International Pictures Posters

Rumor has it that AIP (American International Pictures) would create their posters before filming even started tantalizing the audience about the upcoming movie. In this gallery you can easily see why. These masterpieces of vintage horror cinema could easily be placed among cherish fine art pieces and stand for themselves... well, maybe without the creatures and bikini girls.

American International Pictures (AIP) was a film production company formed in April 1954 from American Releasing Corporation (ARC) by James H. Nicholson, former Sales Manager of Realart Pictures, and Samuel Z. Arkoff, an entertainment lawyer. It was dedicated to releasing independently produced, low-budget films packaged as double features, primarily of interest to the teenagers of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Nicholson and Arkoff formed ARC in 1954, and their first release was The Fast and the Furious. ~ Wikipedia

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Joshua Viola

Joshua Viola
Joshua Viola Joshua Viola

Joshua Viola is an American science fiction/fantasy author best known for his eleven-time award-winning ultra-violent novel, The Bane of Yoto as well as a career in design and video game development.
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Brian Ewing

Brian Ewing
Brian Ewing Brian Ewing

Informed by everything from art nouveau to ukiyo-e woodblock printing, from the full-throttle art of SoCal's "kustom" car culture to the dynamism and self-assured lines of comics, Ewing's work fuses his own creative explorations of perspective, color and space with classic, beloved imagery from rebellious American youth culture: hot punk girls, totally rad skulls, and fields of color aflame. In this way, his work embraces a particular playful naiveté, which he then continues to champion even as his style refines itself and as his technique develops. Ewing reminds us we never have to give up the imagery that fired our imaginations as teenagers; his own success is a signifier for how dearly we hold our own trappings of rebellion, and how they can become a vehicle through which one can mature. With a roster of clients ranging from Metallica and the Warped Tour, to The Strokes and Death Cab For Cutie, and even The New Yorker and a number of advertising agencies, Ewing's resume is a testament to what we love most about music, art, the allure of drama, lust, danger and darkness.
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Justin Erickson

Justin Erickson
Justin Erickson Justin Erickson

Justin graduated from Sheridan College’s prestigious Interpretive Illustration program in 2004. Working first as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Justin gained valuable experience in the industry which landed him a job at Rue Morgue Magazine as graphic designer creating gruesome graphics in 2007. It was at Rue Morgue that Justin’s love and interest in entertainment design flourished inspiring him to co-found Phantom City Creative in 2010. At the beginning of 2012 Justin was promoted to Art Director of Rue Morgue Magazine. In addition to Phantom City and Rue Morgue, Justin works as a freelance illustration/graphic designer, puts together art shows and has been featured in numerous publication across the globe.

In 2012 Justin received two silver Key Art Awards for his poster for The Cabin in the Woods created for Mondo/Lionsgate Films in the categories of Best Illustration and Best Festival One sheet.
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Creature Builders

Creature Builders
Creature Builders Creature Builders

Creature Builders is the home of haunt artist John Schwartz. I create unique indoor/outdoor statues and stunning visual designs. I have a background as an artist, graphic designer and marketing professional with over twenty years in the game. I put these combined talents to work every year to assist Halloween themed business and attractions.

I am a one-person business whose goal is to provide customers with durable, unique set pieces and supporting imagery that make the unreal absolutely realistic. If you are one of the few companies I contract with each year, you will get incredible assistance in the areas of character design, fabrication, graphic design and theme development. My unwavering attention to detail while keeping sight of the big picture sets Creature Builders apart from the competition.

After all, you are hiring an individual craftsman who believes quality and customer service are not lost arts. Design, Special FX, Props
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Alternative Movie Posters

Alternative Movie Posters
Alternative Movie Posters Alternative Movie Posters

We have a passion for movie posters, and we know there are many people out there that share that passion. Not only for the original, but also for the alternative. And so, we decided to create a place where all those amazing alternative film posters and their incredibly talented creators could showcase their efforts, gain recognition, meet collaborators, get inspired and even make money. With a little investment, and many weeks of hard graft, the very first Alternative Movie Posters was born in 2012.

With many hundreds of artists and thousands upon thousands of posters – with more being added daily from all over the world – AMP is by far the biggest and most well-established site for artists and lovers of alternative movie art anywhere in the world. And with a whole host of briefs available from Hollywood film and production companies, we also provide our community with a constant stream of incredible opportunities to showcase their talents to those at the very top of the film and TV industry.

Shown above are This Island Earth by Francesco Francavilla, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter by Ghoulish Gary Pullin and Dracula by Anthony Genuardi

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