Jane Doe Latex

Jane Doe Latex
Jane Doe Latex Jane Doe Latex

We make everything from pretty dresses with frills and bows, to rock n' roll clubbing wear to couture costumes.

Having begun in London, England in 2005 by Model/Actress Nina Kate, Jane Doe has always been at the forefront of cutting edge latex design. With customers including Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Cirque Du Soliel and just about every fetish/pin up supermodel around Jane Doe offers a unique take on latex fashion. Making everything from pretty dresses with bows & frills, to rock n roll royalty clubbing outfits to full on couture costumes. Every item is hand made to order by expert hands with over 12 years experience, using only the highest quality products.

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Lady Clankington

Lady Clankington
Lady Clankington Lady Clankington

Lady Clankington is a woman of many varied proclivities. Her lust for life is so insatiable, in fact, that mere mortals can never hope to keep up with it. In order to avoid injuring her traveling companions, Lady C commissions the mad Dr. Visbaun to construct infernal devices to appease her appetite...for adventure.

Unfortunately, Lady Clankington exhausts each of his inventions at an alarming rate and must commission from him a new product every now and again, in order to remain satisfied.

In her spare time, the lady reads books, explores foreign lands, and peruses the international network of communications. Dr. Visbaun is far too busy to indulge in any such nonsense.

There are no known photographs or daguerrotypes of Dr. Visbaun. He does, indeed, exist but avoids the camera like the plague, itself.

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Westward Bound

Westward Bound
Westward Bound Westward Bound

The Iconic Brand and Leading Specialists in Latex Desire-Couture.

The Westward Bound brand is a recognized symbol of excellence and a firmly established global presence. Since foundation in 1992, Westward Bound’s market strength has come from the production of high-end, hand-produced English latex garments. We design, manufacture, distribute and retail the very best in luxurious latex fashion. Our minds are focused on producing the finest prêt-a-porter rubber clothing for a discerning international clientele. We have created a wide selection of seductive catsuits, slinky dresses, skirts, basques, stockings and thongs, plus much more. Our range comes in 11 sizes with 33 colours plus 33 trim options, enabling us to supply the most versatile collection of latex attire in the world. Our portfolio is enhanced by including a complimentary selection of boned Burlesque Corsetry and Heels.

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LaRue Lingerie

LaRue Lingerie
LaRue Lingerie LaRue Lingerie

LaRue Lingerie is a destination for lovers of Burlesque inspired Lingerie and those with an eye for sexy Pin Up style corsets, lingerie and modern day lashes accented with sky-high stilettos!

LaRue is all things sexy… we carry Vedette Shapewear and Love My Bubbles body enhancers, which are designed to give anyone that hourglass figure!

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Ladies of Steampunk

Ladies of Steampunk
Ladies of Steampunk Ladies of Steampunk

Steampunk meets Boudoir, GothPunk, Dreampunk and your imagination. The Ladies of Steampunk project strays from conventional Steampunk norms and combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, and cultural periods around the Victorian era.

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Music Legs

Music Legs

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Music Legs offers a wide variety of sophisticated and unique styles of hosiery, lingerie, club wear and sexy costumes.

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Britt Dietz (15 Images)

Britt Dietz - Britt Dietz
Britt Dietz Britt Dietz

The Petty Project started out as an idea to recreate all of the late George Petty’s famous airbrushed Petty Girls from the1940s and 1950s through photography and photoshop. Using real models in a photography studio, the famous artwork Petty created launching the golden age of Pinups would be recreated in painstaking detail as close as possible to the original. While most of the times the Petty Girls are in impossible real world poses and their proportions not entirely correct for a normal human being, the use of photoshop would bring these photos closer to how the Petty Girl looks while still keeping the real world natural shape if at all possible. Finally, using various photoshop tools, the finish photo would be converted to look like the classic Petty airbrushed style to hopefully closely mimic the original Petty Girl piece. The purpose of this project is to give homage to one of the greatest classic Pinup Artists of all time who’ve been lost to current generations who are bombarded with the works of Vargas and Olivia which closely follow the style of Playboy.

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La Belle Fairy

La Belle Fairy
La Belle Fairy La Belle Fairy

Specializing in stylish handmade silk corsets, designer wedding gowns and steampunk clothing. At La Belle Fairy, I offer the absolute best in handmade clothing design. Each one of my products can beautifully enhance your wardrobe and will add a jolt of exuberance to your life. Quality craftsmanship combined with only the finest materials makes my designer clothing line second to none. All of my items also make exceptional gifts for friends and loved ones on any occasion.

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Pulp Covers

Pulp Covers
Pulp Covers Pulp Covers

I take whiskey straight, women curvy and murder in stride.

Here at Pulp Covers, we are always looking for new and better covers to post. Do you have an interesting, lurid, or just awesome cover that I haven’t posted? Do you have a better copy than I do? A slightly different edition? Send it in!

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Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Kaori’s Latex Dreams
Kaori’s Latex Dreams Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Kaori Matsubara is a woman who is passionate about beautiful clothes, and the seductive feeling of latex in equal measure. Continually frustrated with the lack of variety in the design and fit of latex clothing, Kaori finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She vowed to create something different. Something ususual, something sophisticated. Something to flatter the figure- the figures of women who are not necessarily model sized!

After a series of successful fashion shows in London, Amsterdam, Athens and Tokyo, the interest in Kaori’s unique and beautiful creations began to grow, with orders flooding in from all corners of the world. Each piece is a couture creation, and can be anything from a simple skirt to an out-of-this-world latex wedding gown, cut to fit and flatter your body. Kaori’s designs are also renowned for comfort, something that is so important, and such a rarity in latex clothing. You can count on these pieces to feel like a delicious second skin.

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