Gourmet Paper Mache

Gourmet Paper Mache
Gourmet Paper Mache Gourmet Paper Mache

This isn't your third grade paper mache. Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder has been doing paper mache for many years. If you are interested in paper mache recipes, instructional videos or just want to see what can be made with this under-rated, under-utilized art form, visit his website.

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The Pixie’s Thimble

The Pixie's Thimble
The Pixie's Thimble The Pixie's Thimble

Whimsical folk art designs by Cindy Conrad.

I specialize in original designs and creations of whimsical dolls and other hand made items. I hope the love of my art shows in every stitch and stroke of the brush.

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Katherine Webber

Katherine Webber
Katherine Webber Katherine Webber

Original papier-mache sculptures, paintings, and wood-carvings; some with an unexpected twist of the bizarre. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind orginal and signed by the artist.

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Chicken Lips

Chicken Lips
Chicken Lips Chicken Lips

Chicken Lips is all about putting a smile on your face! My hand-sculpted creations run the gamut from barnyard animals to seasonal characters like pumpkins, skeletons, Santas, and snowmen.

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Grim Wreather

Grim Wreather
Grim Wreather Grim Wreather

In the dead of night, under the frigid light of the full moon, these hideous wreaths will terrorize your gathering of ghoulish guests. Each one is unique, one of a kind, and hand made in my studio. Hang them up on your door, above your mantel or next to your Warhol. Don't be fooled, these are all wicked works of art.

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Grayson Fogg

Grayson Fogg
Grayson Fogg Grayson Fogg

Whether by blessing or curse, I have lived several lifetimes, and seen things most would believe the fanciful delusions of a madman. A chance encounter during a torturous period in American history led to my introduction to a world of wonder and mystery...and no small amount of danger.

Known to inhabitants as The Old World, or, more commonly, The Autumnlands, this vast realm is the source of all our imagery of Halloween, from the whimsical to the nightmarish. During my travels there I recorded as much as humanly possible of what I experienced, in pen, brush and charcoal, from history to local legend...and sights that at times challenged both my courage and my sanity. I present them here for your edification, to provide a window into a world normally forbidden to humans.

Enjoy your visit, and return often. I have much to share.

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Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild

Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild
Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild

The premiere online Halloween Art group's selling site! The Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild was founded in April 2006, and we are a gathering of professional Halloween artists and collectors whose work celebrates the magic of All Hallows Eve, all year. We started as an eBay-based collective, selling under the EHAG acronym. As we grew, we began reaching out to additional outlets, and now you can find our collectible Halloween art, here on our EHAG Emporium, Etsy and of course on eBay. We focus our creative attention toward the whimsical and happy-spirited side of Halloween.

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Halloween Advent Calendar

Halloween Advent Calendar

Move the arrow to count down the days til Halloween with the Halloween Advent Calendar. Our Halloween Advent Calendar is hand-crafted, hand-painted and antiqued for that sought after vintage feel.

We hand mix all our own paint colors, making each game board unique and one of a kind due to the variations in the natural grain of the wood, paint and antiquing process.

Each game board will be carefully packaged and arrive signed and dated. Measures: 19" x 19"

$155 @ JohnnyUNamath
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Ghoultide Gathering 2014

Ghoultide Gathering
Ghoultide Gathering Ghoultide Gathering

A Magical Bazaar of Halloween Art featuring celebrated artists from across the country. Experience this must-see event and take home original Halloween works from celebrated artists.

Juried artisans are carefully selected for their originality and craftsmanship. The artists consider Ghoultide to be the top show of its kind and work year-round to conjure up their personal best for the affair. For that reason, devoted patrons are willing to travel from across the country to shop - they know the best of the best will be offered. Mischievous pumpkins, whimsical witches, and dancing ghosts are just a few of the engaging characters sure to be seen.

Three-dozen artists are brewing up pieces in a medley of mediums and forms including papier-mache sculptures, wood carvings, paintings, pottery, soft sculpture, ornaments and even found object creations, all based on the fantastical theme of Halloween.

October 4, 2014 / $5 at the Door
Chelsea Fairgrounds / Chelsea, Michigan View Map

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