Andy Fairhurst (13 Images)

Andy Fairhurst

I'm Andy and I currently live in gorgeous North Wales with my wife and 3 kids. I'm a digital painter, which means I paint on my trusty iMac via a digital pen and tablet. I like to paint anything from fantasy and sci-fi to humorous cartoons. A lot of my works have been featured in magazines, in books and on book covers and I have received many awards from art websites such as devianART and CGSociety.

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Basil Gogos (76 Images)

Basil Gogos

A collection of monster portraits painted by the legendary Basil Gogos. Basil Gogos is an American illustrator best known for his striking portraits of movie monsters which appeared on the covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine in the 1960s and 70s.

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Fay Wray (50 Images)

Fay Wray

Fay Wray (born Vina Fay Wray; September 15, 1907 – August 8, 2004) was a Canadian-American actress most noted for playing the female lead in King Kong. Through an acting career that spanned 57 years, Wray attained international renown as an actress in horror movie roles. -Wikipedia

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Jim McDermott (34 Images)

Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott is a New Hampshire-based artist who has illustrated for animation, magazines and comic books.

After graduating in 1982 from Boston's New England School of Art and Design, McDermott headed west, where he held a position as the staff illustrator for a publishing firm before entering the animation industry. For Columbia Pictures Television/DiC Entertainment's animated The Real Ghostbusters, McDermott created concept drawings and designed characters, props and backgrounds. Leaving California after a decade, he did freelance work in Texas before returning to New England in 1993.

He became a member of the Seacoast Art Association in 1997. Currently, he posts recent work on his blog, Sketches and Scribbles. In recent years, he has produced numerous portraits of 20th-century personalitlies, including Lon Chaney, Sr., Elaine Dundy. Marilyn Manson and O. O. McIntyre. Many of his portraits are posted on an earlier blog, Denizens of the Darkness.

In 2008, he began doing a series of covers for Vincent Price Presents and other comic books published by Bluewater Productions. For Bluewater's biographical comic book series, he painted covers of Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi. ~Wikipedia

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