Tara Normal

Tara Normal

In each small town in America, unexplained phenomenon occurs every night. Hauntings. UFO reports. Elvis sightings. The one person best suited to solve these mysteries is an extremely intelligent teenage girl named Tara Normal, whose greatest gifts are a host of paranormal abilities and a quick, deadpan wit. Daring to investigate super secret government warehouses even after her curfew, no task is too dangerous for Tara Normal.

Through her investigations of the extraordinary, Tara hopes to one day solve the greater mystery of who her birth parents are, and whether or not her abilities played a part in their decision to give her up for adoption. Guided by her mysterious spectral friend, the Shadowman and encouraged by her adoptive father, magic store owner Abe Normal, Tara’s ultimate quest is for the truth.

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Angels & Ghosts

Angels and Ghosts

The Angels & Ghosts website first launched in 2004 for the purpose of making people aware of the presence of spirit. As human beings, it seems we have lost a part of our identity, only seeing ourselves as a physical body. This way of thinking seems less than satisfying because our human bodies will pass away some day. Our findings seem to indicate that there is an afterlife - much more beyond what we can physically see. At Angels & Ghosts, we do not claim to be the experts and try to allow the visitor to decide if a picture, story, evp, or video is paranormal or not. Paranormal simply means, beyond the range of normal experience. If we have caused someone to believe that there is something more beyond the world which they see, then we have succeeded in our mission.

In 2007, Angels & Ghosts refocused its efforts to not only bring evidence of ghosts and spirits to light but to conduct field experiments in ghost communication, working to create new ways of capturing ghosts in video and picture, such as our work with full spectrum cameras. That leads us to the question, "Why do we run so much advertising on Angels & Ghosts?" The sale of t-shirts and advertising helps us to not only cover costs associated with publishing and hosting thousands of pages of ghost and angel information but also allows us to re-invest monies in technologies and future expansion plans. In other words, keep on buying those t-shirts!

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Haunted Places

Haunted Places

Looking for haunted places to visit? HauntedPlaces.org features more than 2,000 of the creepiest, most haunted places in the United States. Our mapping system allows you to clearly and efficiently sort through just the types of places you’re interested in. Give us a try, and be sure to submit a new location if you know of one that’s not already listed!

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Weird NJ Presents… Home State Hauntings

Weird NJ Presents... Home State Hauntings

In Home State Hauntings you will hear tales from the Gardens State’s most haunted hotspots––our graveyards, schools, hotels and houses––all told by the people who lived though the terrifying experiences. These are the stories of otherwise regular citizens of the Garden State––our neighbors, friends, family and coworkers. But they tell us they have had encounters that are incredible, yet somehow credible––unbelievable, yet we are compelled to believe them. So, based on what you read, you will have to decide for yourself. Are these harrowing accounts of ghostly encounters all just fabrications of overactive imaginations? You be the judge. While we don’t always know if we believe the ghostly stories we hear, we certainly get the sense that the person telling them wholeheartedly believes them. Do you?

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Are you ready for the biggest and best paranormal & horror convention the world will ever see? Paradox Entertainment, LLC is about to rock you with the biggest names in Paranormal, Horror, Cryptozoology and Ufology. We bring you celebrity guest speakers, vendors, exhibits and film screenings. If you love ghosts, the supernatural, the paranormal, horror and the just plain weird, then this is your chance to meet your favorite celebs and learn from the experts!

September 6-8, 2013/ $25 Get Tickets
Sands Bethlehem Event Center / Bethlehem, Pennsylvania View Map

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The GhostHunter Store

The GhostHunter Store
We are Real Paranormal Investigators selling equipment and supplies we use every week on investigations. We are based out of a real physical store in New Jersey. You can order online, over the phone, via mail or come see us in person. We offer Email and Phone support for all our products. We sell more than just ghost hunting equipment so you can get all your paranormal and supernatural supplies all in one place. The advice on how to use the items we sell will be answered by real researchers with 30 years of combined experience in the ghost hunting field. These are the tools that we personally use regularly on investigations so we won’t sell anything that doesn’t work properly in the field. We are the only paranormal research store that is run by real ghost hunters with over 30 years experience out of a real storefront location. www.ghosthunterstore.com
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Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

The world famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, is an extravagant maze of Victorian craftsmanship – marvelous, baffling, eerily eccentric, and undeniably, haunted. Wander through 110 of the 160 rooms of this Victorian mansion, designed and built by the Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah Winchester. For nearly thirty-eight years the round-the-clock sawing, sanding, and hammering at the Winchester Mystery House never ceased. Was Sarah cursed by the ghosts of those killed by the Winchester rifle or did she use the endless building and rebuilding as a distraction from grief over the deaths of her loved ones? The mystery shrouding the Winchester Mystery House may never allows us to separate fact from the legend.

Grand Estate Tour: $40 Get Tickets
San Jose, California View Map

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