Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art school is the world's premier alt.drawing movement. Artists draw glamorous underground performers in an atmosphere of boozy conviviality.

Since 2005, Dr. Sketchy's has been the name in alternative drawing. From illegal flashmobs to the Museum of Modern Art, Dr. Sketchy's has brought artists a rule-breaking cocktail of dames, drinking and drawing. Dr. Sketchy's branches draw in over a hundred cities around the globe, from Akron to Zagreb. Whether you're an artstar or a scribbling newbie, Dr. Sketchy's is the perfect place to get your fill of life-drawing.

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Katie Alves

Katie Alves
Katie Alves Katie Alves

I'm that weird chick that does scenes on her eyes with makeup! I'm a make-up artist! I do detailed scenes on my eyes, lips and full face. I started back in October of 2010 when I sat down and just decided to try to do a small design on my lips. I found out I could do it, so I continued! Have fun looking through my gallery of stuff!

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Heidi Larsen Makeup

Heidi Larsen Makeup
Heidi Larsen Makeup Heidi Larsen Makeup

I love to inspire others with my colorful, bold and not always so wearable looks. I love to think outside the box and to be creative.

I love feedback, especially when girls tell me they've learned so much about makeup and that they have become more confident and comfortable in their own skin. There's nothing better than that.

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Alcone Company

Alcone Company
Alcone Company Alcone Company

Professional makeup artists premiere online store for quality cosmetics, character makeup, tools, and technical training.

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Gourmet Paper Mache

Gourmet Paper Mache
Gourmet Paper Mache Gourmet Paper Mache

This isn't your third grade paper mache. Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder has been doing paper mache for many years. If you are interested in paper mache recipes, instructional videos or just want to see what can be made with this under-rated, under-utilized art form, visit his website.

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Gorton Studio

Gorton Studio
Gorton Studio Gorton Studio

Gorton Studio was the first specialist prosthetics school in Europe, and has now led the way in teaching the subject for 10 years.

Screen prosthetics is a practical discipline in a fast moving industry. To succeed in it, you need to master the techniques required by today’s employers, learn how the industry works and know how your role fits into it. To teach these essential elements we bring the industry into the classroom, and take the classroom into the industry.

We take pride in giving genuine value for money, de-mystifying a subject that’s sometimes misrepresented in the education arena, and equipping our students to hit the professional ground running as soon as they graduate.

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Scream School

Scream School
Scream School Scream School

The Scream School training course has been taught at various scare attraction and horror themed theatre productions since 2007, and is now available to a wider performer market, allowing scare students the chance to maximise their potential in this rapidly developing entertainment and leisure sector.

Our intensive one day course offers scare students the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills required to begin a career as a successful and effective scareactor.

Equally suitable for those with performance experience or newcomers, students will take part in a variety of interactive, practical and theory based workshops lead by experienced professional mentors who have many years of experience working in scare entertainment.

The Scream School course also includes an introduction to the scare entertainment industry, the principles of the psychology of fear, basic makeup techniques and advice on which companies and attractions regularly seek to book scareactors for paid work.

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Mouse – A Taxidermy Workshop Manual

Mouse - A Taxidermy Workshop Manual

A complete guide to creating your own naturalist or anthropomorphic taxidermy mouse.

If you've ever fancied enlivening your mantelpiece with dancing, singing, pipe-smoking or motorbike-riding mice, then this book is for you. Taxidermy has been accepted, both as a craft and an art, for centuries, and is once again making a place for itself in the homes of thousands of enthusiasts. All it takes to learn to stuff your own animals is a little basic knowledge and a creative imagination.

Margot Magpie, who teaches the perennially sold-out taxidermy course at The Last Tuesday Society in London, takes you through the step-by-step process of mouse taxidermy: from ethically sourcing your rodents, to preservation, stuffing, and positioning. By the end, you'll have a happy little mouse, a quirky talking point for your living room and a new experience to tell your friends about.

Seventy easy to follow steps that teach you to skin, prep, preserve, mount and position a mouse in under four hours.

A fully illustrated guide. Each step is accompanied by a close up photograph of the author at work.

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