Mouse – A Taxidermy Workshop Manual

Mouse - A Taxidermy Workshop Manual

A complete guide to creating your own naturalist or anthropomorphic taxidermy mouse.

If you've ever fancied enlivening your mantelpiece with dancing, singing, pipe-smoking or motorbike-riding mice, then this book is for you. Taxidermy has been accepted, both as a craft and an art, for centuries, and is once again making a place for itself in the homes of thousands of enthusiasts. All it takes to learn to stuff your own animals is a little basic knowledge and a creative imagination.

Margot Magpie, who teaches the perennially sold-out taxidermy course at The Last Tuesday Society in London, takes you through the step-by-step process of mouse taxidermy: from ethically sourcing your rodents, to preservation, stuffing, and positioning. By the end, you'll have a happy little mouse, a quirky talking point for your living room and a new experience to tell your friends about.

Seventy easy to follow steps that teach you to skin, prep, preserve, mount and position a mouse in under four hours.

A fully illustrated guide. Each step is accompanied by a close up photograph of the author at work.
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Monroe Misfit Makeup

Monroe Misfit Makeup

Monroe = Glamour. Pin Up. Iconic.

Misfit = Disturbingly Different. Edgey. Punk.

Makeup = Art. Expression. Creativity. What I do.

The creative outlet for sharing my Makeup Looks, reviews, tips, style and a little bit of everything else!
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Tara DiPetrillo

Tara DiPetrillo

Tara DiPetrillo is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who uses her talents to create exceptionally - natural, themed and avant-garde pieces of art.

She has worked on shows like the award winning Showtime series, Homeland and Season 8 of the Bachelorette in NC. Tara has done makeup on politicians, famous actors and actresses, sports icons, news anchors, cheerleaders and beauty queens.
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The Homicidal Homemaker

The Homicidal Homemaker

"Where Home Economics Meets Horror". Kaci Hansen puts the “cleaver” in June Cleaver.

Dubbed as the “Martha Stewart of the Macabre”, Kaci Hansen has a passion for all things spooky and horror-related, and tries to find as many ways as possible to integrate her love of the genre in with everyday life. She is particularly well-known for her contributions to the indie-horror community, as well as her amazing pastry creations, recipes and cocktails.
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Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Gnomon School of Visual Effects is an innovative training facility that stresses the importance of creativity in computer graphics. We believe, that while technology offers new tools to create your visions, it is our ultimate goal to allow you to interact transparently with the software. At Gnomon, we know that it is not the technology that drives results, but the artist. Therefore, our instructors are industry professionals with traditional backgrounds who started using the technology to bring their imaginations to life.
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Stiltbeast Studios

Stiltbeast Studios provides DIY and how to videos for haunted houses. The goal is to build a library of techniques for haunters to be able to reference.

Allen Hopps is an imaginative designer, actor, and sculptor who is driven by an incredible passion for the Haunted attraction industry. Well known for "thinking outside of the box", Allen is constantly looking outside of the Haunted attraction industry for products and techniques that can be adapted or remade to fit the need of Haunted attractions.

Be sure to explore their YouTube Channel.
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