Hector Turner

Hector Turner
Spooky music echos down the street as weird lights play across moldering tombstones. Spider webs dangle from overhead trees ready to catch unwitting prey. Lightning flashes across the sky just as an unholy scream rends the night. Werewolves howl as other darker terrors lurk among the shadows. Trick-or-treaters beware! www.hectorturner.com/halloween
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How to Make a 2-Part Silicone Mold

Build a mold box. Seal seams with hot glue. Secure with a mold strap. The model must first be partially embedded in clay. Begin by building a clay bed inside the box. Press the model into the clay bed until only the top half is exposed. Use more clay to fill in any open spaces. Level the clay surface to the model's midpoint. Flatten and smooth the clay surface. Embed small acorn nuts in the clay; reason: creates registration keys between mold halves.

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Scary Terry

Scary Terry

Greetings Halloweeners and welcome to my web pages. I've created these pages to present some original ideas and some variations on ideas presented by other haunters. I am neither an engineer nor artist, I just love creating props for Halloween and am happy to share them.

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