Spookhouse Industries

Spookhouse Industries
Spookhouse Industries Spookhouse Industries

Makers of fun entertainment for monster kids of all ages.

Spookhouse Industries was founded during the dark and spooky night on October 13th 2014. Our Plan 9 from Outer Space is to create a gaggle of bone-shivering gruesome goodies from beyond the grave including; a collection of coffin table art books, magazines, comics, cartoons, movies and more!

You can visit our shops to purchase our Trick-or-Treats including; Cereal Killers art book, Death Reserve comic book, Monster Shindig horror magazine, paper cut-out masks, t-shirts, art prints and more!

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Monster Shindig

Monster Shindig
Monster Shindig Monster Shindig

A magazine for weirdos who dig all things Horror and Halloween!

The makers of 1313 Magazine "The Phantom Monster Show" are back from the grave with an all new horror reading experience Monster Shindig! This spine-tingling magazine features The King of Monster Artists Basil Gogos, Something Weird Video's Lisa Petrucci plus Tribute to Found Mike Vraney, Bats Day in the Fun Park, The 3-D Invisibles, Mad Monster Party article by Rankin/Bass historian Rick Goldschmidt, Monster Squad article by Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s, plus more blood-curdling fun, due out just in time for the Holiday's!

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Gore Noir Magazine

Gore Noir Magazine
Gore Noir Magazine Gore Noir Magazine

Bring personality back to the horror magazine scene...

Gore Noir is a magazine about horror culture including models, celebs, tattoos, artists, photographers, products, and musicians.

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Malevolent Magazine

Malevolent Magazine
Malevolent Magazine Malevolent Magazine

Malevolent Magazine is a monthly Horror publication dedicated to featuring the best of Indie interviews, films, art, photography and much more!

Malevolent Magazine brings you a twisted blend of horror and showcases the brutal best in Indie Horror films, including interviews with filmmakers, actors/actresses in the genre. Plus, features Artist Spotlights on SPFX artists, painters, photographers and much more! Some added features are exclusive Horror shoots by Hell's Belles Photography and Addison Duggan Photography.

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Dark Beauty “Tricks-N-Treats” Halloween Issue

Dark Beauty Halloween Issue
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FREE Special Halloween “Tricks-N-Treats” from Dark Beauty — Full of fun tutorials, drinks, treats, SFX makeup ideas! ISSUE 36b features Anastasia Strate, Andreas Boldt, Austin Hillebrecht, Bjorn Svenson, Christina’s Haunted Mansion, Deena Renee, Dwayne Hanley, Emily Nguyen, Julie Lockheart, Kelly Lewis, Lucia Mocnay, Mary Robinson, Mighty Squirm, Ryan Barnes, Shanna Koltz, Thulio Becker, Topher’s Potions...

Download PDF (38.1mb)
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