Mehron Theatre Makeup

Mehron Theatre Makeup
Mehron Theatre Makeup: Jinny Makeup Artiste Mehron Theatre Makeup: I am Robot by Vanessa Harmanmaa

When it comes to makeup that meets the standards and vast color needs of professional artists Mehron is the undisputed industry leader. Proudly made in the USA for over 80 years, Mehron represents an artisanal approach to creating quality cosmetics that are high-impact and versatile. Mehron’s beauty products can be found in the makeup kits of artists working on fashion shows and shoots, theatrical productions, movies, special effects and most importantly, in real life on real women with a variety of color and coverage needs. Performers such as the Black Eyed Peas, Hilary Duff, and Pink are brand fans as are prominent beauty industry professionals including Nick Barose, James Vincent, Danessa Myricks and hairstylist, Oribe, who calls Mehron's products "beautiful, colorful and easy to use." Mehron products have been used in some of the most dramatic and visual productions including Black Swan, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek the Musical, The Lion King, New York City Ballet and Cirque de Soliel.
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Rick Baker (33 Images)

Rick Baker
Rick Baker Rick Baker

Rick Baker is an American special makeup effects artist known for his creature effects. As a teen, Baker began creating artificial body parts in his own kitchen. He also appeared briefly in the fan production "The Night Turkey" a one-hour, black-and-white video parody of "The Night Stalker" directed by William Malone. Baker's first professional job was as an assistant to Dick Smith on the film The Exorcist. He received the inaugural Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for his work on An American Werewolf in London. He also created the "werecat" creature Michael Jackson transforms into in the music video Thriller. Subsequently, Baker has been nominated for the Best Makeup Oscar ten more times, winning on seven occasions, both records in his field.

Baker claims his work on Harry and the Hendersons is one of his proudest achievements. On October 3, 2009, he received the Jack Pierce – Lifetime Achievement Award title of the Chiller-Eyegore Awards. He was awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Academy of Art University San Francisco in 2008. He also contributes commentaries to the web series Trailers From Hell for trailers about horror and science fiction films. ~Wikipedia

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Georgina Ryland

Georgina Ryland
Georgina Ryland Georgina Ryland

My name is Georgina and I like painting people. I have been body painting as a hobby since 2012, utilising traditional painting and drawing techniques upon a 3D canvas. My inspiration predominately comes from my love of anatomy and nature which is prevalent in some way in each look I create.
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Gorton Studio

Gorton Studio
Gorton Studio Gorton Studio

Gorton Studio was the first specialist prosthetics school in Europe, and has now led the way in teaching the subject for 10 years.

Screen prosthetics is a practical discipline in a fast moving industry. To succeed in it, you need to master the techniques required by today’s employers, learn how the industry works and know how your role fits into it. To teach these essential elements we bring the industry into the classroom, and take the classroom into the industry.

We take pride in giving genuine value for money, de-mystifying a subject that’s sometimes misrepresented in the education arena, and equipping our students to hit the professional ground running as soon as they graduate.
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SiteSinister Rouge Makeup FX

Sinister Rouge Makeup FX
Sinister Rouge Makeup FX SiteSinister Rouge Makeup FX

We are professional makeup artists that specialize in all makeup effects from the Beauty, Fashion, Theatrical, Film & Television to the gory special effects side in prosthetics, props, life-casting & mold making. Our passion for creating and transforming, mixed with our professionalism and skill to produce realistic and fantastic effects, will exceed your expectations.
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Zombie Skin

Zombie Skin
Zombie Skin Zombie Skin

Zombie Skin is a fast drying latex formula that has the consistency of whipped cream, but has the ability to be used to fill in edges and smooth them for blending. Alone Zombie Skin can be used for making cuts, wounds, blisters, and claw marks.

This product was designed to make special effects makeup easy for the beginner or all the way to the master makeup artist.
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