Nokturnel Eclipse

Nokturnel Eclipse
Nokturnel Eclipse Nokturnel Eclipse

Nokturnel Eclipse has revolved around Leather for over a decade. Heavy armor like Leather is a specialty but we have a lot more to offer and that goes far beyond Halloween. Our Leather masks made us realize more than ever life is all about the costume. Our masks have brought us incredible recognition and appreciation worldwide. So many customers have sent us pictures of themselves wearing our products with letters telling us how much they loved them. From sexy models, family orientated magazines, people involved in theater, party goers, sexual name it. We have sent orders to the 4 corners of the World and the demand is growing.
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Grim Stitch Factory

Grim Stitch Factory
Grim Stitch Factory Grim Stitch Factory

At the Grim Stitch Factory the rural tradition and folklore of the scarecrow is the sole inspiration behind every stitch of twine I pull through fabric; and behind ever mask I make and deliver to you.

Now admittedly, I never grew up on a farm. I wasn't even born rural. I am simply an artist, inspired by the look of death and decay. So it is hardly surprising that I enjoy urban exploring; finding old abandoned farms, houses, and factories and crawling around inside to see what is left and wondering what once was and admiring how beautiful it has become.

At the Grim Stitch Factory a sense of rural tradition goes into every scarecrow mask that I make. It's burlap, twine, pliers, and needles. And since farmers never used air brushes, neither do I. Only brushes.
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Midnight Studios FX (18 Images)

Midnight Studios FX
Midnight Studios FX Midnight Studios FX

Creature design thru sculpture and illustration.

Midnight Studios was created to supply hyper-realistic creature design and makeup fx for motion pictures, theater, collectors, theme parks, haunted attractions and Everything Halloween. Midnight Studios has done work for many leaders of Halloween productions, theme parks and major attractions.

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Vintage Halloween Mask Buttons

Vintage Halloween Mask Buttons

Do you remember those ads? You know, the ones in the back of comics that you wished you had the $1.79 to buy a latex monster mask and scare the neighbors with. Back then there was no way your parents would lend you that kind of scratch and who had time for a paper route?

Well here's your chance to relive that lost adolescent memory by garnishing your bag, hat or even jean jacket with a vintage monster pin-back button. Once you adorn this garnishment, your friends will know that you have ghoulish yet astute tastes.

96¢ @ Vicious Delights
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Rubber Gorilla (20 Images)

Rubber Gorilla
Rubber Gorilla Rubber Gorilla

Dedicated to designing and producing my own range of original, collectors quality latex Halloween horror masks right here in the UK. All my horror masks are handmade to the highest standards, I use quality durable latex and each Halloween mask is individually hand-painted and finished with the same care and attention ensuring you get the ultimate latex horror masks.

All the masks that come with the eyes painted and glossed, have viewing slits above the eyes in the dark crease below the brow, this is a great effect and also makes them ideal for displays too. My face masks are cast very thick and feature polypropylene webbing with adjustable plastic buckles and a metal o-ring, these are much more comfortable to wear at parties and make great killer masks for movies.

I'm constantly working on new products and usually have a new mask design every month, so keep coming back to see what's new.

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Creature Corps

Creature Corps
Creature Corps Creature Corps

Creature Corps is an award winning, full service special make-up, creature, character, and visual effects company specializing in the design and creation of amazing creatures, prosthetics, animatronics, human and animal replicas, digital visual effects, compositing, 2D and 3D animation, special props and costumes.

Creature Corps diverse team of artists have designed and executed ground-breaking special effects for hundreds of blockbuster films, genre classics, television series, and commercial campaigns for over 25 years.

Creature Corps goal is to provide our clients with high quality effects execution and supervision on a competitive budget for independent & studio films, television projects, commercials, and music videos.
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Krisztianna Krisztianna

Terrible beauty inspires me. I see it in cultural myths, nature and her cycles, folk art, love, loss, and finding fairness in an unfair world. I could list the sea of creatives that I look to daily, but storytellers like Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshitaka Amano, Mœbius, and José Guadalupe Posada especially inspire my highest of aspirations.

Día De Los Muertos has offered me and those I love comfort as I grew up, and continue to grow. Birth, death, and rebirth are all fascinating concepts, and the the art of the sugar skull is a powerful visual that helps me express my joy of life and respect of finality.

These Muertitas represent characters in a yet unpublished story. One day their full story will be revealed. Until then, I introduce these Muertitas as nature spirits. Some are the daughters of Autumn who portray the spectrum of the harvest. They wake into the world of the living, waiting for a home where they can rest and impart their wisdom. They are made of clay, wood, styrofoam, stainless steel wire, epoxy, paper maché, synthetic and silk flowers, freeze-dried leaves and plants, acrylic paint, and acrylic sealants. The small ones, I call Muerti-titas, begin with a solid resin cast, then painted with acrylic, sealed, and adorned with synthetic, silk, and dried flowers.
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