Jeff Preston (16 Images)

Jeff Preston
Jeff Preston Jeff Preston

With clients ranging from Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, The United Methodist Publishing House, Miller/Coors, Dark Horse Comics and Cintas the uniform company, his almost three decades of work has been as diverse as his clientele. "A true illustrator should be able to illustrate anything, it's our job! To take something we might not know anything about and present a final product that will make the viewer assume that we are experts on the subject". When asked to sum up the past 30 years he just says, "it's a nice start".

Jeff Preston treats each assignment as if it were his last. "As I'm working I ask myself if it were all to end now is this the illustration I would want to be my legacy?" Perhaps somewhat melodramatic but he truly believes in the approach and it seems to be working. More than technique and professional polish the one word that best sums up his illustration is "passion"! That's something that can not be put on with a brush or rendered in with a pencil. It's the one thing that connects with the viewer, the heart that goes into the illustration. It's there or it isn't, there's no middle ground. "If I can evoke an emotion when the audience sees my work I have succeeded. Whether it's a smile, a hearty laugh, a tear or even reaching in their wallet to buy the product my illustration promoted ... I've made my touchdown".

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Daniel Horne (33 Images)

Daniel Horne
Daniel Horne Daniel Horne

Daniel has been making art professionally for the past thirty one years.

From paperback covers and children's books to gallery paintings and one of a kind art dolls, Daniel's art is in many private collections from Hong Kong to New York City. Daniel's art has been featured in many of the genre's leading magazines including his painting "Arcadia" on the cover of Spectrum the Best of Fantastic Art, covers for Monsters from the Vault and Screem Magazine and a fine interview in Make Up Artist Magazine.

Daniel's classic monster paintings are in the collection of David and Jan Hadft, Guillermo Del Toro, Rick Baker and Greg Nicotero.

No matter the medium, Daniel gives each and every one of his creations life and a history.

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Bryan Baugh (38 Images)

Bryan Baugh
Bryan Baugh Bryan Baugh

Bryan Baugh is and illustrator and the creator of the comic Wulf and Batsy. By day he works as a storyboard artist in television animation including "Transformers: Prime" as well as kiddie shows like "My Friends Tigger and Pooh". By night he draw MONSTERS!

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Hammer Films

Hammer Films

Hammer Films is a film production company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1934, the company is best known for a series of Gothic "Hammer Horror" films made from the mid-1950s until the 1970s. Hammer also produced science fiction, thrillers, film noir and comedies – and in later years, television series. During its most successful years, Hammer dominated the horror film market, enjoying worldwide distribution and considerable financial success.
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Grimbro (62 Images)

Grimbro Grimbro

A professional artist for over 15 years. I love all things horror and I love to draw monsters. I am in love with vibrant color and dark contrast. It allows my work to pop out to the viewer. I strive to achieve the same impact as old vintage horror posters and covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland respectively.

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Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story


This fantastic and little-known Hollywood story reveals William Castle—largely remembered for installing electrical shocking devices in seats for added scares at his horror films—as a fascinating, multi-dimensional man.

A master of ballyhoo and a brand name in movie horror, Castle in the 50s and 60s treated delighted moviegoers to buzzing seats, flying skeletons, luminescent ghosts and life insurance policies. But his career began as assistant to director Orson Welles, where he did much of the second unit location work for The Lady from Shanghai. Driven by a fear of failure and longing for respect from his peers, Castle's life was a rags-to-riches tale of a larger-than-life showman who reinvented himself as a modern P.T. Barnum. And his influential role in producing and nearly directing one of the most revered horror films of all times, Rosemary's Baby alone is worth the price of admission.

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Roger Kastel

Roger Kastel

Roger Kastel is an award-winning artist whose work is instantly recognized in popular culture. Roger's talent has been sought after by legendary filmmakers, authors, publishing houses, and production studios. The result has been iconic imagery that will remain timeless.
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