William Castle

William Castle

William Castle (April 24, 1914 – May 31, 1977) was an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor. He learned the trade of filmmaking and became a director, acquiring a reputation for the ability to churn out competent B-movies quickly and on budget. He eventually struck out on his own, producing and directing thrillers which, despite their low budgets, were effectively promoted with gimmicks, a trademark for which he is best known. He was also the producer for Rosemary's Baby.

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Christopher Tucker

Christopher Tucker
Christopher Tucker Christopher Tucker

Christopher Tucker has created the Make-up effects on many award winning films such as “Star Wars Episode IV”, “The Elephant Man”, “Quest For Fire”, “The Boys From Brazil”, “The Company Of Wolves” and the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Phantom Of The Opera”, just to mention few of his credits, which have made him so well known all over the world.

These films all included special make-up effects, which at the time “had never been done before”. The Elephant Man make-up gained an entry into the Guinness Book of Film Records as the most complex prosthetic makeup on a single actor.

He would like to pass on his valuable knowledge so that future generations have the opportunity to learn from his lifetimes work. For Christopher Tucker make-up artistry is not simply a career, but a vocation.

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Norman Saunders

Norman Saunders

He was renowned for his luscious palette and exciting action scenes, his sexy women and his ability to shoot from the hip when facing a deadline! Norman Blaine Saunders' illustration career was as big and successful as any artist could hope for, and no single genre could contain his remarkable talent. He painted them all - aliens and aviators, heroes and hunters, detectives and demons, quarterbacks and comic books, sex kittens and serial killers, westerns and wacky packs!

He was curious about everything in life, and his paintings were enriched with his detailed studies of people, history, science and nature. No matter where his visual curiosity led, he branded that world with his own dynamic design, playful skepticism and a solemn belief that life is tough. He was shockingly irreverent a nonconformist who laughed at the self-righteous and advocated the School of Hard-Knocks. He was a colorful story-teller and an innovative thinker, charming, insightful and fearless. He loved women, children and puppies, and he always cried when the hero died.

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The Harryhausen Chronicles

This engaging 1997 documentary stands alone as the definitive tribute to stop-motion animator and special effects legend Ray Harryhausen. The film is blessed with the participation of Harryhausen himself, comfortable in his role as FX guru and living legend, humorously reflecting on his momentous career while offering a wondrous inspection of the stop-motion models that made him famous. From before his apprenticeship on 1949's Mighty Joe Young to his final masterwork in Clash of the Titans, Harryhausen is honored as an old-school artisan, toiling in solitude to create some of the cinema's most indelible fantasies, one meticulous frame at a time. A compilation of rare film tests and previously unseen footage among the DVD bonus features makes this must-see viewing for Harryhausen devotees of any age.

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Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

The official website of Bruce Campbell. This is the only place where you'll find authentic, reliable information about upcoming projects, appearances, or where to buy cool BC stuff past, present and future. So, feel free to root around. The site has been all "gussied up" for your pleasure.

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Jim McDermott (34 Images)

Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott is a New Hampshire-based artist who has illustrated for animation, magazines and comic books.

After graduating in 1982 from Boston's New England School of Art and Design, McDermott headed west, where he held a position as the staff illustrator for a publishing firm before entering the animation industry. For Columbia Pictures Television/DiC Entertainment's animated The Real Ghostbusters, McDermott created concept drawings and designed characters, props and backgrounds. Leaving California after a decade, he did freelance work in Texas before returning to New England in 1993.

He became a member of the Seacoast Art Association in 1997. Currently, he posts recent work on his blog, Sketches and Scribbles. In recent years, he has produced numerous portraits of 20th-century personalitlies, including Lon Chaney, Sr., Elaine Dundy. Marilyn Manson and O. O. McIntyre. Many of his portraits are posted on an earlier blog, Denizens of the Darkness.

In 2008, he began doing a series of covers for Vincent Price Presents and other comic books published by Bluewater Productions. For Bluewater's biographical comic book series, he painted covers of Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi. ~Wikipedia

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