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Zombos' Closet
Zombos' Closet Zombos' Closet

Zombos' Closet is a rather dark and cloying place (for a blog, that is), filled with untold treasures and just plain lousy stuff Zombos keeps stuffing into it. You remember Zombos, don’t you? He's the monsterkid in all of us, yearning to be scared and to scare. He pines for the old, less gory days, but secretly enjoys those zombies and slashers, and cool horror shows on television, that go far beyond what came before. Within these pages you will find all the horror to savor and detest, monster magazines to drool over, and assorted odds and ends that every monsterkid has stuffed into his closet at one time or another. Okay, sure, my closet to be precise is pretty well stuffed, too.

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Alice Jacobs is Dead

Alice Jacobs is Dead
Alice Jacobs is Dead Alice Jacobs is Dead

Winner: Best Horror/Suspense Film at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International Independent Film Festival.

Starring Adrienne Barbeau, John La Zar, and Peter Cambor.

Written and directed by Alex Horwitz.

Produced by Jacob Robinson, Ariana Mufson, and Brian Schwartz.

Dr. Ben Jacobs saved the world. The drug he created allowed mankind to fight back against the Z-virus, which nearly destroyed civilization entirely. Now, in the aftermath of the crisis, he's trying to cure the last victims of the virus. But what will happen when he brings his mysterious work home?

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Drew Struzan

Drew Struzan
Drew Struzan Drew Struzan

Drew Struzan has achieved a truly unprecedented place in the 100-year history of motion picture advertising. With nearly 40 years of experience in the Industry and literally hundreds of movie titles to his credit, George Lucas refers to Drew as "The only collectible artist since WWII." Screenwriter and Director, Frank Darabont says" The images Drew renders become part of that film's iconography and history, just as important in some respects as the film itself, and sometimes better." "What Drew does isn't really distilling the elements of a movie," says Guillermo del Toro, "It's almost alchemy. He takes images and makes them quintessentially cinematic. His style has been copied so many times in a bad way, people don't realize until they revisit his posters just how powerful the pure Struzan style is, how purely filmic it is."

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It Came from Outer Space

It Came from Outer Space
It Came from Outer Space It Came from Outer Space

It Came from Outer Space is a 1953 American black-and-white science fiction film, the first in the 3-D process from Universal Pictures. It was produced by William Alland, directed by Jack Arnold, and stars Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush, and Charles Drake. The film's script is based on Ray Bradbury's original short story The Meteor.

It Came from Outer Space tells the story of an astronomer and his fiancee who are stargazing in the desert when a large fiery object crashes to Earth. At the crash site, he discovers an alien spacecraft just before it is completely buried by a landslide. When he tells this story to the local sheriff and newspaper, he is branded a crackpot. Before long, strange things begin to happen, and the tide of disbelief turns hostile.

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Sinister Cinema

Sinister Cinema
Sinister Cinema Sinister Cinema

We have the best selection of obscure B movies on home video/DVD in the world! If you’re looking for rare, nostalgic titles in genres like horror, sci-fi, film noir, B westerns, sword & sandal, and other related genres look no further than Sinister Cinema.

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Christmas Evil

Christmas Evil
Christmas Evil Christmas Evil

When he was a boy, Harry idolized Santa Claus but one Christmas Eve, he witnessed something horrifying that forever shattered his innocent understanding of Santa. Now an adult, Harry wants to embody the pure Santa Claus that he grew up loving. He works at a toy factory and keeps records of who's been naughty and nice, but the spirit of Christmas isn't what it used to be and he can't take it. So, garbed in his red suit, Harry decides that the only thing he can do is to become Santa himself and make all of the naughty townspeople pay...in blood!

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A short horror film about a religious woman who is targeted by an evil and devious entity on Halloween. Inspired by the old E.C. horror comics.

Written & directed by Owen Mulligan.

Starring Katie Kenworthy & Zak Frederick.

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Spider Baby

Spider Baby
Spider Baby Spider Baby

Spider Baby is a 1964 black comedy horror film, written and directed by Jack Hill. It stars Lon Chaney, Jr. as Bruno, the chauffeur and caretaker of three orphaned siblings who suffer from "Merrye Syndrome", which causes them to mentally, socially, and physically regress backwards down the evolutionary ladder starting in early puberty. Sid Haig, Jill Banner, Carol Ohmart, Quinn Redeker, Mary Mitchel, and Karl Schanzer also star.

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