Soul Dracula – Hot Blood

Soul Dracula - Hot Blood
Soul Dracula - Hot Blood Soul Dracula - Hot Blood

Soul Dracula, hahahahaha Come in, little girl Let me do it, baby Do it Soul Dracula, hahahahaha Come in, little girl Let me do it, baby Do it Soul Dracula, hahahahaha Do it little baby, hahahaha Ah, do it Do it Hahahahaha Soul Dracula, hahahahaha Hot Blood Haha More More Hahahahaha Oh, more Hahahahaha Hahahahaha

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Swing You Sinners!

Swing You Sinners!
Swing You Sinners! Swing You Sinners!

Animated by Ted Sears and Willard Bowsky, with an eye-popping surreal ending by Grim Natwick, “Swing, You Sinners” was the first of many Fleischer cartoons that mixed surrealism, cartoony ghosts & goblins, and hot jazz. While other studios built their cartoons around fairy tale stories or topical gags, the Fleischers constructed cartoons in the same way jazz music was constructed… statement of the theme, a series of variations and a big finish.
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One Way Static Records

One Way Static Records
One Way Static Records One Way Static Records

We are an internationally based record label that focuses on releasing high quality motion picture soundtracks & modern day re-scores on high grade packaged vinyl, compact discs, digital downloads and even cassettes.

Established in 2012, One Way Static Records is one of the leading re-issue labels for horror and cult themed soundtracks and was selected by FACT magazine as one of the 'best labels of 2014'.

In our web-store you can find all our products and a selection of releases by like-minded labels, exclusively curated by us. You can also become a member of our exclusive & limited subscription service Static Club.
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The Zombie Riot

The Zombie Riot
The Zombie Riot The Zombie Riot

ZOMBIE! is a solo, multimedia project created by artist and producer Eric Weiss.

Hemorrhaging a wealth of horror related content, ZOMBIE! encompasses original music, video, social media, games, artwork, photography, merchandise, fan participation, and a gratuitous amount of disturbing humor.

ZOMBIE! began in the fall of 2008 and has grown from a single myspace page into thousands of rampaging horror fans, zombie enthusiasts, and complete lunatics.
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Demon Boy

Demon Boy
Demon Boy Demon Boy

Demon Boy is a Heavy Metal Fun-House ride through a Comic Book Hell.

The Latest Horror Rock Character who’s rapid independent success has proven that spectacle in Rock is not Dead!

With a larger than life Image, Amazing on and off stage presence and a World Class Killer Band of seasoned musicians Demon Boy is here to break the mold of mediocrity.

Command of the stage and explosive high energy music have set Demon Boy apart from the rest, to see this band live will leave you exhausted and begging for more! Get immersed in the world that Demon Boy inhabits… you won’t regret it! Music, Videos
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Coffin Case

Coffin Case
Coffin Case Coffin Case

What’s the point of playing guitar in a rock and roll band if you’re not going to embrace some of the attitude that has made the music so popular throughout the years? From the moment you step on the stage, you want to be all sneer and swagger, and carrying your guitar in an iconic Coffin Case can make that happen.

Founded in 1995, Coffin Cases began simply as an expression of creativity and a desire to be different. That expression has since grown to become one of the most distinct and recognizable brands in the music world, with artists such as Doyle (The Misfits, Danzig Legacy), John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) and Slayer’s Kerry King all making use of Coffin Cases to carry their gear.

The G-185 Universal Guitar Case is probably the most well known in the Coffin Case lineup. This case fits almost all standard sized electric guitars and features a diamond-tuck red velvet interior. With durability that can stand up to the rigors of the road, you can feel assured that these cases will always make sure your guitar rests in peace.

Coffin Cases aren’t just about cases. They also make a wide assortment of accessories for your guitar. Take the Coffin Case Scarface Guitar Picks 6-Pack, for example. Made from celluloid, these picks feature iconic graphics from the Al Pacino, Brian De Palma movie “Scarface adding a little more character to your style.

From road cases to accessories, Coffin Cases are not only going to give you serious edge, they’re going to make sure your guitars look and sound their best. From the moment you step on the stage until the last note has rung out, your Coffin Case gear will help make you the center of attention.

Photo by Tate Hemlock.
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Nightmare – Artie Shaw

Nightmare - Artie Shaw

The haunting and morose "Nightmare" by Artie Shaw with artwork by Jérémie Fleury.

Artie Shaw's "Theme" song, the haunting, morose "Nightmare", with its Hasidic nuances, rather than use a more "accessible" song. It was as if Shaw was saying in musical terms that he and his band weren't inviting anyone to dance a la Goodman's "Let's Dance" nor were they getting sentimental over anything, a la Tommy Dorsey's "I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You". Whatever it was or whether or not there was any deeper meaning to it, Nightmare was a profoundly unique choice for a theme song especially in the face of what virtually every other swing band leader was doing; yet perhaps it did illustrate the deeper search for the meaning of anything in the mind of its intellectually driven composer. ~Wikipedia

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I Will Pray
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