Hembry Guitars

Hembry Guitars
Hembry Guitars Hembry Guitars

I bought my first guitar at 16 and started playing professionally at 21. From the beginning, I was always modifying and hot-rodding my guitars to make them look cooler and play better. Now in my 40s, I have graduated to making the instruments I could only dream of when first starting out.

Part of my drive comes from remembering what it was like to want a really cool looking guitar, but only having enough coin to afford hock shop crap. Inevitably, I ended up with substandard guitars, but with my interest in art, I was able to make the instruments look great. I still own my first guitar, but it would be totally unrecognizable by any former owner.

After playing and tweaking guitars for years, I started building them in my 30s. Now, in my 40s, I wish I had started in my 20s. I love it. I've toured all over playing live music. Building a guitar is the only thing that comes close to that feeling. I guess, in a way, I get to live vicariously through the instruments I create.

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Creature Feature – The Greatest Show Unearthed

Queen of Halloween by Juliett Jadek

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and ghouls, step right up. Behind this curtain lies a ghastly concoction of delight, horror, fantasy, and terror...

Creature Feature is the deviant brain child of two sinister composers from Lost Angeles known only as Curtis Rx and Erik X. Formed on Halloween of all days, these two maniacal groundskeepers in the torture garden of auditory delight have taken it upon themselves to draw from their twisted childhoods and invent a band that becomes everything that frightened you as a child, a band that becomes Halloween 365 days a year, a band that forces you to remember why you used to sleep with the lights on and fear the bumps in the night.

Artwork "Queen of Halloween" by Juliett Jadek.

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Nox Arcana

Nox Arcana
Nox Arcana Nox Arcana

Nox Arcana is renowned for creating haunting, gothic-themed soundscapes with classic horror references, strong literary influences, original and captivating storylines, and hidden riddles and elaborate puzzles. The band is the musical manifestation of gothic fantasy artist Joseph Vargo. After successfully producing several gothic, horror-themed concept albums for other bands, Vargo formed Nox Arcana with fellow musician William Piotrowski in 2003. The name Nox Arcana is derived from two Latin words, which roughly translate to "mysteries of the night."

Artwork by Adam Tsiolas.

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Webster Hell 2014

Webster Hell 2014
Webster Hell 2014 Webster Hell 2014

The night begins at the most famous Halloween parade on the planet...NYC's 40th annual Halloween Parade. Witness the Webster Hall Halloween float, mounted by a horrifying group of flesh-hungry and sexually depraved zombies, as it emanates throbbing bass and transports an epically hellish party-on-wheels through the belly of NYC.

But this is only the beginning...

Webster Hall presents the Official NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty!

Webster Hell is a once in a lifetime event. All 4 massive floors of the building transform into a twisted mausoleum filled with heart-pounding music and hair-raising spectacles. Feel the heat as sensual fire performers mesmerize the crowd. Sense the horror as flying flesh-eaters soar high over the crowd in the Grand Ballroom, hungry for blood. Experience the excitement as thousands of revelers, hidden behind masks and disguised as freakish inversions of their former selves, join together for what is hands down the biggest Halloween party in NYC every year.

Throughout the night, you will witness a series of unforgettable spectacles...

October 31, 2014 / Tickets: $40 Get Tickets
Webster Hall / New York, NY View Map

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Halloween at High Noon

Halloween at High Noon

Halloween at High Noon is not an artist but rather a collection of artists signed to High Noon Records. These artists contribute to High Noon Records' annual Halloween compilation, Halloween at High Noon.

High Noon Records is home to several artists specializing in Electro, Dub, Experimental, Swamp Rock, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Trip Hop, Psychedlic and much more. Artists include: Base Burners, Buck James & the Bullwhips, Dead End Ranch, Delvis, The Divine Sham, Man with the Spinning Face, Poison Pickle, Phantom 309, Sweet Alien Game and more.

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Audio Zombie

Audio Zombie

Audio Zombie provides world-class custom sound design for the haunted attraction and horror industry. Our Award Winning, unique approach to sound design can be heard pouring out of sound systems from home haunters to some of the biggest attractions and films nation wide.

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Vince Ray

Vince Ray

Graphic artist and illustrator specializing in band and music related commissions including rockabilly, hot rods, kustom events and tattoo conventions.

I did all the art college stuff way back before the joys of computers and Photoshop... studied Fine Art printmaking at Maidstone School of Art and then did a post graduate at the Slade School of Art in London. I have a vague memory of being a child and went Henry Mellish Boys School in Nottingham. It was like a Borstal so its best that I don't remember it much.

After leaving Art College I painted scenery for pop videos and films and met up with a couple of other artists and formed a company called Makers...dedicated to doing any art work, anytime and anywhere. I learned a lot at that time and got into sign writing and interior decoration for night clubs, bars and film work. In fact I learned more in this company than I did at art college where I spent most of the time in the pub. Favourite client at that time was a publishing company who asked if we could draw porno comics...or Adult Art Graphics as they called it.

When Makers finished I continued with the graphic art and built up that side of things.

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Fender Vince Ray Spook Show Acoustic Guitar

Fender Vince Ray Spook Show Acoustic Guitar

Fender and acclaimed hot rod artist Vince Ray are at it again for yet another deranged custom collaboration. The Vince Ray Spook Show T-Bucket acoustic puts the “dread” in "dreadnought," with dazzling over-the-big-top graphics that evoke the creep-tastic circus sideshows of yesteryear.

Under the hood it's a genuine Fender T-Bucket that sounds as bold as it looks. Features include a cutaway for easy access to the upper reaches of the 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, spruce top with quartersawn scalloped "X" bracing for balanced tone, mahogany back and sides for mellow midrange, mahogany neck with comfortable "C"-shaped profile, pinstriped Fender "F" inlay at 12th fret, rosewood bridge with compensated saddle, and Fishman® Isys III pickup/preamp system with on/off switch, three-band EQ and chromatic tuner.

$349 @ Danny D's
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