My work as an illustrator includes a variety of genre such as magazine artwork, DVD cover art, apparel and clothing art, and manga illustrations. I mix Japanese and American art styles when dealing with manga designs.
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Britt Dietz (15 Images)

Britt Dietz - Britt Dietz
Britt Dietz Britt Dietz

The Petty Project started out as an idea to recreate all of the late George Petty’s famous airbrushed Petty Girls from the1940s and 1950s through photography and photoshop. Using real models in a photography studio, the famous artwork Petty created launching the golden age of Pinups would be recreated in painstaking detail as close as possible to the original. While most of the times the Petty Girls are in impossible real world poses and their proportions not entirely correct for a normal human being, the use of photoshop would bring these photos closer to how the Petty Girl looks while still keeping the real world natural shape if at all possible. Finally, using various photoshop tools, the finish photo would be converted to look like the classic Petty airbrushed style to hopefully closely mimic the original Petty Girl piece. The purpose of this project is to give homage to one of the greatest classic Pinup Artists of all time who’ve been lost to current generations who are bombarded with the works of Vargas and Olivia which closely follow the style of Playboy.

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Filmy’s Girls

Filmy's Girls
Filmy's Girls Filmy's Girls

Filmy's Girls resin model kits are created and produced by a team of talented artisans led by veteran modeler Marc Havican.

At the heart of each Filmy’s Girls kit is a female heroine, posed in a tasteful way that is sexy, yet not offensive. Each of our designs calls to mind the classic pinup style of Gil Elvgren, incorporationg a setting that tells a story in a humorous way. We want our kits to bring a smile to your face, and to the faces of everyone who sees your finished buildup.
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Mynxie Monroe

Mynxie Monroe
Mynxie Monroe Mynxie Monroe

Mynxie Monroe is the reigning Queen of Darkness, seducing and terrifying in equal measures. She's a Neo-burlesque artist, alternative model and experienced mischief instigator.

Mynxie Monroe is first and foremost a performer, specializing in alternative Burlesque & Gorelesque. She currently gigs around Central London cabaret venues, fetish clubs and alternative events.
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Retro Lovely Magazine

Retro Lovely Magazine

This magazine will cater to no one single pinup style. It will bring you Classic Cheesecake, Hollywood Noir, Cabaret, Burlesque, Victorian, Deco, Kitschy, Atomic, Bad Part of Town Rust Queen and every conceivable cross-pollination of these you can imagine. You will find models with and without ink in all manner of settings with all manner of props. You see, Peggy Sue got married and had a little girl and then a granddaughter and now that young lady is a lawyer, but on the weekends she’s a Roller Derby Queen and goes by the name Peggy SoSueMe. She also models and has a devoted fan base who wants nothing more than to pin up her photo as they lead their quasi-past lives. Photo by Celeste Giuliano Photography.
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