Lord Grimley’s Manor

Lord Grimley's Manor
Lord Grimley's Manor Lord Grimley's Manor

A twisted monster. A financial genius. An underhanded and decidedly evil megalomaniac. A corpse in an upstairs room. A creepy old crook who won't let death get in his way. A silent figure of horrible menace. The owner of a number of companies, including Lord Grimley's Manor, which manufactures and sells Halloween costumes, props, and assorted paraphernalia.

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Bone Clones

Bone Clones
Bone Clones Bone Clones

Since our inception, our mission has been to produce skulls and skeletons that are "virtually indistinguishable from the original."TM Replicating the minute anatomical details and capturing the gross structures as faithfully as possible have been the goals of Bone Clones, Inc. from the beginning. As we expanded our product line from animals to fossils and humans, we continued to apply these criteria to each piece that we cast.

Quality is an essential component of Bone Clones®, and we have many procedures in place to assure that we maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves and that customers expect.

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Grim Stitch Factory

Grim Stitch Factory
Grim Stitch Factory Grim Stitch Factory

At the Grim Stitch Factory the rural tradition and folklore of the scarecrow is the sole inspiration behind every stitch of twine I pull through fabric; and behind ever mask I make and deliver to you.

Now admittedly, I never grew up on a farm. I wasn't even born rural. I am simply an artist, inspired by the look of death and decay. So it is hardly surprising that I enjoy urban exploring; finding old abandoned farms, houses, and factories and crawling around inside to see what is left and wondering what once was and admiring how beautiful it has become.

At the Grim Stitch Factory a sense of rural tradition goes into every scarecrow mask that I make. It's burlap, twine, pliers, and needles. And since farmers never used air brushes, neither do I. Only brushes.

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SiteSinister Rouge Makeup FX

Sinister Rouge Makeup FX
Sinister Rouge Makeup FX SiteSinister Rouge Makeup FX

We are professional makeup artists that specialize in all makeup effects from the Beauty, Fashion, Theatrical, Film & Television to the gory special effects side in prosthetics, props, life-casting & mold making. Our passion for creating and transforming, mixed with our professionalism and skill to produce realistic and fantastic effects, will exceed your expectations.

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Creature Corps

Creature Corps
Creature Corps Creature Corps

Creature Corps is an award winning, full service special make-up, creature, character, and visual effects company specializing in the design and creation of amazing creatures, prosthetics, animatronics, human and animal replicas, digital visual effects, compositing, 2D and 3D animation, special props and costumes.

Creature Corps diverse team of artists have designed and executed ground-breaking special effects for hundreds of blockbuster films, genre classics, television series, and commercial campaigns for over 25 years.

Creature Corps goal is to provide our clients with high quality effects execution and supervision on a competitive budget for independent & studio films, television projects, commercials, and music videos.

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Morbid Enterprises

Morbid Enterprises

Looking to get your creep on? Morbid can help! We create and sell some of the scariest Halloween props on the planet. Morbid Enterprises designs, manufactures and distributes their own exclusive line of creepy Halloween products.

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The Weird & Wonderful

The Weird & Wonderful

The Weird & Wonderful is a Natural History store specialising in the highest quality taxidermy, osteology, entomology and oddities from around the world.

We pride ourselves on stocking ethical animal remains, where possible, and believe that the sole purpose of taxidermy should be to preserve the natural beauty of nature's magnificent creatures.

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