Cedric Laquieze

Cedric Laquieze

I've been a sculptor fascinated with creatures as far as I can remember. I've done many exhibitions in the past in Paris Belgium, Italy, Germany and of course Holland. I graduated from the Rietveld academy where I met many people with the same fascination for organic materials and esthetic shapes. I would like to use this opportunity to share my fairies, flower creatures and goddesses with the rest of you.

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League of the Dead (4 Images)

League of the Dead

These busts were sculpted about 6 years ago. I came across a comic by DC showcasing the dead super hero's on the cover. I was so impressed with the idea that I sculpted these busts out of super sculpey. The Hawkman was never part of the original four on the cover, it had Wonderwoman with cracked skin but I felt her design was weak so I replaced it with Hawkman.

Sculpted by Casey Love, painted by 3Demonic, produced by Amok Time. Explore More ...

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Raven Armoury is a small company, set in the heart of the Essex countryside. Over the past two decades they have forged an enviable reputation for fine quality, hand-made swords.

During this time Simon Fearnhamm, the founder of Raven Armoury, has also become renowned for his sculpture work, mostly involving skeletons and bones, these are produced as original works of art in Steel, Bronze and Silver.

Skelemental represents the sculpture aspect of Raven Armoury. Working with his sons, Robin and Thomas, Simon creates skulls and skeletons in all manner of sizes and poses, some are completely original works of art and others are produced as small limited editions.

Each piece is carefully sculpted in wax then lost-wax cast into steel, bronze or silver.

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Scott Radke

Scott Radke

Cleveland Based artist who works from his subconscious imagery… Mixed media sculpture, animal human hybrid explorations. Highly influenced by nature.

Radke’s artwork can be found from London to Los Angeles… from major art collections (Mark Parker, former Nike CEO) to work and design making cameo appearances in such films as Walt Disney’s Academy award winning Alice in Wonderland Directed by Tim Burton..

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Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

Jim Henson's Creature Shop

For more than half a century, the Jim Henson name has been synonymous with the creation of expressive and enduring characters. Innovation has been a hallmark ever since a teenage Jim Henson made the pioneering leap from the traditional hard materials of theater puppetry to the flexibility of fabric and foam, transforming the art form for the new medium of television.

Today, the skilled and dedicated team at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop continues to follow its founders’ lead with groundbreaking innovation, evolving with the effects industry by implementing practical puppet and animatronic techniques when appropriate while embracing the potential of digital effects.

So whether it be the soft puppets of Sesame Street, the on-stage creatures for Lady Gaga, or the digital characters of Sid the Science Kid, the long history of combining an extraordinary array of puppet making skills with cutting-edge animatronic and digital technologies positions Jim Henson’s Creature Shop as a leader in the field of character creation and effects.

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The original art dolls by Kamila Mlynarczyk

Making dolls, to me, is the natural progression of drawing on paper. After realizing that I would never be happy leaving my characters on the page, and tending to enjoy the doodles and the process more then the finished polished work, I let them out.

I have been happily sculpting for a while now and love to see my techniques improve and fingers grow more nimble with every doll I give life to. I love to gather inspiration by searching out talented artists and have spent a king's ransom on fabrics, nicknacks and treasures I find. What I plan to sculpt and what decides to come out are usually two very different things, they just have a way of coming out by themselves.

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Mike Hill

Mike Hill

Mike Hill is a world renowned portrait sculptor and artist. Originally from Warrington, England, Mike now lives in Los Angeles, CA. His career spans more than 20 years, and covers everything from garage kits to life-size figures; British television to Hollywood films.

In addition to private commission work, Mike has worked for companies such as the Franklin Mint, Sideshow Toys, DC Comics, Dynamic Forces and Tussauds Waxworks.

Mikes work has been featured in magazines such as “Amazing Figure Modeler” and “Makeup Artist Magazine”, has been highlighted on “The Girls Next Door” and the “KTLA Morning News”, and been featured on CNN.com and the The LA Times.

While he has carved a niche in the horror genre, Mike also ventures into the world of Comic Books, Superheroes… and beyond.

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