Headless Horseman Statue

Headless Horseman Statue
Headless Horseman Statue Headless Horseman Statue

Sculpture of the Headless Horseman, based on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Dressed in a Hessian uniform and wielding an axe, he can either carry the Jack O' Lantern in his hand, or it can be placed on his shoulders.

Statue stands 10" tall, cast in resin and hand painted.

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Howard S. Studios

Howard S. Studios
Howard S. Studios Howard S. Studios

Howard S. Studios, Inc. has provided commissioned sculpting services to a variety of clients since 2003. We create prototypes and production masters for garage kit producers, toy manufacturers, and producers of high-end collectibles and replicas. We also create one-of-a-kind sculptures commissioned by individual collectors.

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Martin Canale

Martin Canale
Martin Canale Martin Canale

I´ve been a self-taught modeler since 21. I started with drawings, copying from comic magazines such as Fierro, Zona 84, etc. I have always loved character designs. I based my creations in Chichoni, Altuna, Segrelles, Moebius, Gimenez and Bilal´s works, among many others.

When I reached to a point where drawings had limitation to what I had in mind, I started sculpting. The first series of 8 figures was sold in a comic book store called Entelequia, in 1990/1991. These early figures, with a help of my friend Gustavo Melella, lead me to a gig in FX.

I started working by myself, modeling comic figures. Soon after, I started working as a freelancer for a toy company (Joc S.A.), Disney and Warner Brothers.

Nowadays, although I sculpt collectible figures, I try to make my own versions of comic classics.

www.goregoregore.com Art
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Homemade Horror

Homemade Horror
Homemade Horror Homemade Horror

Homemade Horror showcases custom figures and collectibles by Michigan artist Gabe LaPeer.

Gabe LaPeer is a sculptor/ graphic designer/ illustrator with a love of "Genre" films. Homemade Horror is a place to showcase some of his work. Gabe makes custom designs, sculptures and action-figures with a slant towards the dark and gruesome.

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Gritsada Satjawatcharaphong
Gritsada Satjawatcharaphong Gritsada Satjawatcharaphong

Gritsada "Grits" is a San Francisco native and has worked as a sculptor and practical special effects artist on such films as Coraline, The Spiderwick chronicles, War of the Worlds, Star Wars Episode III, and The Life Aquatic. He is an avid sculptor and character designer with an ever-growing passion for monsters, movies, toys, and comic books. He has also worked with AnatomyTools.com as a sculptor on several anatomy educational products, including the female skull and skeleton.

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Kissel Studios

Kissel Studios
Kissel Studios Kissel Studios

Kissel Studios is a cool place to hang out if you like carving pumpkins, chainsaw art, ice sculpting and sand sculpting.

Each pumpkin takes three to ten hours to complete. Danny Kissel starts with a sketch and use a vegetable peeler, sharp pairing knives, clay sculpting tools, and sandpaper. Some of the pumpkins have parts from other pumpkins added to them with tooth picks, drywall screws, and maybe super glue if needed. No styrofoam or plastic of any kind is used, only pumpkin parts. After it's finished, some airbrushing is applied for added FX.

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Bone Clones

Bone Clones
Bone Clones Bone Clones

Since our inception, our mission has been to produce skulls and skeletons that are "virtually indistinguishable from the original."TM Replicating the minute anatomical details and capturing the gross structures as faithfully as possible have been the goals of Bone Clones, Inc. from the beginning. As we expanded our product line from animals to fossils and humans, we continued to apply these criteria to each piece that we cast.

Quality is an essential component of Bone Clones®, and we have many procedures in place to assure that we maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves and that customers expect.

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Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Maniac Pumpkin Carvers
Maniac Pumpkin Carvers Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Maniac Pumpkin Carvers is a full creative art studio that specializes in elaborate pumpkin art. Maniac takes pumpkin carving to new levels of creativity and skill, providing unique and stunning carved pumpkins for parties, events, and occasions of all kinds. Available for live events and demonstrations, Maniac Pumpkin Carvers bring the magic of pumpkin carving to your party, festival, office, or wherever you celebrate the season.

Maniac Pumpkins are made from locally grown, REAL pumpkins. Throughout each step of the creation process, our carvers take the utmost care to ensure the highest quality product. From selecting the perfect pumpkins for carving, to the level of skill and expertise that goes into each sculpture, your pumpkin is sure to be a one of a kind hit. We pretreat each pumpkin with an all natural solution, and carve within 24 hours of delivery to ensure that your pumpkin arrives fresh--giving you more time to display your masterpiece. Maniac Pumpkins are perishable, but with proper care, can last two weeks or longer.

Maniac focuses on advancing the art of pumpkin carving by exploring this exciting new medium and taking the classic pastime to a whole new level. The nature of pumpkin carving brings you into the moment by captivating your senses. It is ephemeral and temporary and all about the NOW.

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Christine Polis

Christine Polis
Christine Polis Christine Polis

Christine Polis works of doll art are fed by stories, tales and mythology revolving around non-contradictory facets of women, ranging from mild or somber fantasy, to dark humor. She regularly joins her companion Benoit Polvêche (metal sculptor) and together, they create hybrid characters, which combines the strength of the metal and the fragility of the doll.

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Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily (23 Images)

Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily
Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily

Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily are designers, writers, product creators, sculptors, animators, illustrators and bloggers. Their unique Southern California design studio – The Kevin & Jody Show, Inc. – specializes in "art varieties of all sorts". For over 25 years Kevin and Jody have contributed designs to theme park shows and attractions, from Fantasmic! to Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Best known for their nostalgic collectibles and artwork celebrating the past.

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