Kurtzman Institute of Art

Kurtzman Institute of Art

This accelerated program is designed to provide students with the innovative, modern, and practical education and skills necessary to succeed in the special make-up, attraction, and character design industries. This program develops marketable skills in several specializations within the special effects industry to prepare the graduates for careers with film and television studios, theater companies, cosmetic companies, taxidermy studios, photographers’ studios, special effects and costume companies, dental labs, architectural firms, amusement and entertainment fabrication companies, group attraction design firms, museums, science centers, and prosthetic sculpting and mold making studios. The primary specializations covered in this program include Make-up Design and Application, Mold Making and Casting, Animatronics, and Group Attraction and Exhibit Design.

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Carbopol Polymer

Carbopol Polymer

Need some of the "Goo" they used in John Carpenter's The Thing? Well, it's called "Carbopol" and here's a place to get some.

Carbopol Polymer is a self-wetting, rheology modifier designed to be used as a thickener, suspending agent and stabilizer in cosmetic manufacturing. Its unique structure allows it to rapidly expand when added to liquids and provides moderate-to-high viscosity in skin care products. Carbopol polymer performs effectively across a broad pH range, making it a versatile ingredient for many applications.

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Christopher Tucker

Christopher Tucker
Christopher Tucker Christopher Tucker

Christopher Tucker has created the Make-up effects on many award winning films such as “Star Wars Episode IV”, “The Elephant Man”, “Quest For Fire”, “The Boys From Brazil”, “The Company Of Wolves” and the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Phantom Of The Opera”, just to mention few of his credits, which have made him so well known all over the world.

These films all included special make-up effects, which at the time “had never been done before”. The Elephant Man make-up gained an entry into the Guinness Book of Film Records as the most complex prosthetic makeup on a single actor.

He would like to pass on his valuable knowledge so that future generations have the opportunity to learn from his lifetimes work. For Christopher Tucker make-up artistry is not simply a career, but a vocation.

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Nick Dudman

Nick Dudman
Nick Dudman Nick Dudman

Nick Dudman is a multi award-winning special make-up effects artist with over thirty years experience in the film industry; working as the designer / supervisor on a huge range of successful motion pictures, including the entire Harry Potter series.

Dudman got his start in films working on the Jedi master Yoda, as a trainee to British make-up artist Stuart Freeborn, on the second in the Star Wars series - The Empire Strikes Back.

After apprenticing with Freeborn for four years on films such as Superman II and Top Secret!, Dudman was asked to head up the English make-up prosthetics shop for Ridley Scott’s Legend, applying Tim Curry’s “Darkness” make-up amongst others. Since then, he has worked on Mona Lisa, High Spirits, Willow, Interview With the Vampire, Batman (creating Jack Nicholson’s Joker) and Judge Dredd among many others.

In 1995, his career path widened into animatronics and large scale creature effects when he was asked to oversee the creature department for the Luc Besson film The Fifth Element, for which he won a BAFTA for best Visual Effects.

Since then he has supervised the creatures / make-up effects departments on a series of blockbusters including Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

Having completed the ten-year challenge of the Harry Potter franchise Nick is looking for yet more creative challenges, expanding his role to make most use of his unique experience...His latest work includes Paddington and Penny Dreadful, Showtime’s new gothic horror series.

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The Harryhausen Chronicles

This engaging 1997 documentary stands alone as the definitive tribute to stop-motion animator and special effects legend Ray Harryhausen. The film is blessed with the participation of Harryhausen himself, comfortable in his role as FX guru and living legend, humorously reflecting on his momentous career while offering a wondrous inspection of the stop-motion models that made him famous. From before his apprenticeship on 1949's Mighty Joe Young to his final masterwork in Clash of the Titans, Harryhausen is honored as an old-school artisan, toiling in solitude to create some of the cinema's most indelible fantasies, one meticulous frame at a time. A compilation of rare film tests and previously unseen footage among the DVD bonus features makes this must-see viewing for Harryhausen devotees of any age.

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DermIS is the largest dermatology information service available on the internet. It offers elaborate image atlases (DOIA and PeDOIA) complete with diagnoses and differential diagnoses, case reports and additional information on almost all skin diseases.

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Minispotlight is a custom LED lighting supplier of compact light bars, miniature spotlights, LED eyeballs, evil architecture and custom display lighting for amusement parks, museums, and retail displays. www.minispotlight.com
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Coulier Creatures

Coulier Creatures
Coulier Creatures Coulier Creatures

Mark Coulier is creative director of one of Europe's leading make-up effects companies, Coulier Creatures FX.

Oscar and BAFTA winner 2012 for best make-up, for his work on 'The Iron Lady', transforming Meryl Streep into Margaret Thatcher. In 2000 he received an Emmy award for 'Arabian Nights' and another nomination for 'Jason and the Argonauts'. In 1999 he received an Emmy award for the mini-series 'Merlin'.

Mark Coulier started his career back in 1987 and worked as a freelance sculptor and make-up artist for all the major effects companies in London. His all round knowledge of processes, ability to create characters from the ground up and take them right through to completion, and organisational skills soon lead him to be hired as a key on projects such as 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Event Horizon, Alien III, Star Wars: Episode 1, The Mummy, Mummy Returns, The Fifth Element amongst others.

In 2000 Mark accepted a key roll in Nick Dudman's creature dept on the first Harry Potter movie. Who would know then that this would extend over a period of 10 years and 7 movies with Mark overseeing the creation of Lord Voldemort and other memorable characters such as the inflating Aunt Marge and many others.

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