Autopsy Babies

Autopsy Babies
Autopsy Babies Autopsy Babies

Autopsy Babies or "Autopsy Zombie Staple babies" are a series of one of a kind, hand-painted custom horror art dolls by Jeremi Rimel (Miscreation). Each Autopsy Baby is made from a recycled vinyl baby doll body as a platform, often second hand. Dissected and mis-created. The dolls are made in a high quality fashion with durable parts and superb textures and details.
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Dracula Life-Size Bust

Dracula Life-Size Bust
Dracula Life-Size Bust Dracula Life-Size Bust

In the early days of cinema, actor Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of Count Dracula immediately established him as one of the icons of horror, and he remains so to this day. His role as the title character, an aristocratic, handsome, and hypnotic vampire in the 1927 Broadway adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, led to his starring in the 1931 film and the role for which he is best known.

Though Lugosi is hardly the only actor to bring his talents to the part, few would disagree that his characterization defined Count Dracula as we know him today. That he did so without heavy makeup or special effects is a testament to the strength of the actor’s performance. As Dracula, Bela Lugosi entranced audiences through the stare of his icy blue eyes and the understated strength of his personality. His performance as Count Dracula terrified audiences though no fangs were ever bared nor drops of stage blood ever spilled.

Sideshow Collectibles and Black Heart Enterprises are excited to announce the Classic Dracula Life-Size Bust. Black Heart artists have proudly created this life-sized tribute to Bela Lugosi, sculpted by Jeff Yagher, a master of subtle detailing and frighteningly realistic likenesses.

The Lugosi family consulted with Black Heart and provided rare insight and reference material for this tribute to the actor. The actor’s son, Bela Lugosi, Jr., personally authorized the sculpture and the paint master in order to ensure the greatest accuracy and detail achieved in this limited edition bust.

Black Heart’s Bela Lugosi Dracula is a labor of love and was borne of intimate collaborations between sculptor, family and producer and a shared desire to create the ultimate three-dimensional tribute to one of the original and most enduring stars of horror cinema.
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Pumpkin King & Nightshade Sally PopVinyl

Pumpkin King & Nightshade Sally PopVinyl
Pumpkin King & Nightshade Sally PopVinyl Pumpkin King & Nightshade Sally PopVinyl

Won't ya please make way for a very special guy. Based on Tim Burton's classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is ready for the Halloween celebration in his King of the Pumpkin Patch outfit from the opening song, "This is Halloween." Everyone hail to the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack the Pumpkin King Pop! Vinyl Figure, which measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. Ages 3 and up.

From Tim Burton's classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas comes Sally! This Sally Pop! Vinyl Figure presents one of the most beloved characters in Disney's rich pantheon, poised to add some a little something extra to Doctor Finklestein's soup. The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally with Nightshade Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. Ages 3 and up.

$9 @
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Little Werewolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Little Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing
Little Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing Little Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing

Did you ever heard about the wolf in sheep's clothing? So werewolves also like to hide their real nature in such an unfair way and teaching their little cubs to pretend to be sheep from very babyhood.

- Approx 20.8 inches (53 centimeters) in length.
- Completely handmade.
- Face, paws and ears are made of polymer clay and colorized with pastels. That provides ceramic-like effect.
- Glass eyes.
- Wire armeture. Fully Posable.
- Made from Faux Fur.

$450 @ Gakman Creatures
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Rask Opticon

Rask Opticon
Rask Opticon Rask Opticon

Born in the late 70's, In the outskirts of Lost Angeles. At the age of 10yrs was fascinated with graffiti that was in his surroundings growing up. His style was influenced by graffiti and because of it, he learned thought outside the box, bend and distort the letters and characters. Video Games and Cartoons were a heavy influence as well. From drawing Transformers to Mario Bros.

In his teens discovered the Anime section at the local video store. Liking the vivid colors, very unique characters and stories, he took some of the anime elements and applied them to his art.

Now taking art on different mediums, canvas painting with airbrush and paint brushes, digital painting with a graphic tablet, sculpting, spray paint and the list will go on.

His is style of art is described as Dark, Vivid, Cybernetic/Electronic, Fantasy and sometimes Cute or like someone once said," it's like a distortion of life." It?s like art with a Bi-Polar disorder with no remedy in sight.
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Bride of Frankenstein Statue

Bride of Frankenstein Statue
Bride of Frankenstein Statue Bride of Frankenstein Statue

"You have created a man. Now, together, we will create his mate."

So states the deviant and devious scientist Dr. Pretorius, who blackmails Dr. Henry Frankenstein into resuming his heinous experiments, with the ultimate goal of creating a female counterpart for the Monster. The 1935 film, The Bride of Frankenstein, was director James Whale's superb follow-up to his enormously successful Frankenstein, which introduced Boris Karloff's Monster to the film-going public, and, ultimately, to the pop-culture lexicon. "Bride of Frankenstein" elaborates upon and expands the mythology of the tragic Monster, who, while still capable of great violence, is depicted as a lonely, sympathetic figure longing for companionship. The sequel is a marvel of noir cinema, filled with cavernous sets, evocative lighting and vivid characters including of course, Elsa Lanchester's magnificent title character. The Monster's loneliness, brief moments of happiness and desire for companionship lend genuine pathos to the film. Add a plot that moves along at a solid clip, moments of dark humor seasoned with liberal doses of well-placed camp and strong thematic material that glides just under the film's dark surface, and it becomes clear why The Bride of Frankenstein is regarded as classic cinema.

$299 @ Entertainment Earth
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Goblinfruit Studio

Goblinfruit Studio
Goblinfruit Studio Goblinfruit Studio

Carisa Swenson sculpts and stitches curiously uncanny creatures that strike a balance between odd and endearing, fantastical and familiar. Carisa's passion for creating this eccentric menagerie of peculiar beast springs from many sources - mythology, folk tales, the work of stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen and the Brothers Quay: movies such as Watership Down and the puppetry of The Henson Workshop to name but a few.

Carisa's work has been shown in numerous galleries with the United States as well as internationally and has been seen in publications such as Art Doller Quarterly and Spectrum.
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Keith Newstead

Keith Newstead
Keith Newstead Keith Newstead

I love to experiment with new styles and materials and to find new ways of creating movement. I never aim my work at a particular age group, and it makes me happy that both children and adults enjoy my work. I am always happy to accept new commissions both large and small.
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Shrunken Head Studios

Shrunken Head Studios
Shrunken Head Studios Shrunken Head Studios

Born, Hatched Or Conjured?

No one knows for sure, but we do know founder Brian Dooley's passion for monsters, dinosaurs and all creatures that “bump in the night” started at a very young age. “I believe my first monster encounter was watching Creature From The Black Lagoon at age 3... That changed my life” says Dooley. Ever since that day he has been sculpting and drawing monsters, becoming heavily influenced by the artwork of Bernie Wrightson and William Stout.

A New Jersey native, he began his journey at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pa. in the Industrial Arts. After graduating he pursued his dreams to work for the special effects industry and headed West. Brian has been sculpting for the film and toy industry since 1996. A strong dedication to the craft and fine tuned attention to detail and creative problem solving have fueled his success. Working with film industry effects companies including Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and the Character Shop, as well as the toy benchmark Sideshow Collectibles, have allowed Brian to perfect his craft and start moving his vision of the industry standard to the next level.

Shrunken Head Studios was conceived in 2007 with the goal of being the best Horror / Sci-Fi Toy Company in the industry. Our mission is to present the collectors highly detailed quality products that they will enjoy for years to come. Brian states, “I myself, being a collector and fan, wanted to produce collectibles I felt hadn’t been done. I wanted to make something fun the other fans and collectors would enjoy. Sick minds think alike... and there’s a lot of us out there!”
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