Court of the Dead by Sideshow Collectibles

Court of the Dead by Sideshow Collectibles
Court of the Dead by Sideshow Collectibles Court of the Dead by Sideshow Collectibles

The war between Heaven and Hell has raged for as long as anyone can remember, a savage conflict burning with a destructive fury that threatens to one day consume all of creation.

Only Death stands between these cataclysmic forces, positioned as the unlikely arbiter of Man’s souls –an energy source used to feed the gluttonous war machines on both sides of this unending struggle.

Seeking to bring balance to the afterlife, Death assembles the Court of the Dead, filling the Underworld with the souls he has diverted from their celestial destinations and reshaping them according to his vision.

These creations become his Queen. His generals. His assassins. His spies. And though the Court sits divided into the factions of Spirit, Bone, and Flesh, together against the destructive forces of Heaven and Hell they all stand as one. Together, the Court of the Dead shall...
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Filmy’s Girls

Filmy's Girls
Filmy's Girls Filmy's Girls

Filmy's Girls resin model kits are created and produced by a team of talented artisans led by veteran modeler Marc Havican.

At the heart of each Filmy’s Girls kit is a female heroine, posed in a tasteful way that is sexy, yet not offensive. Each of our designs calls to mind the classic pinup style of Gil Elvgren, incorporationg a setting that tells a story in a humorous way. We want our kits to bring a smile to your face, and to the faces of everyone who sees your finished buildup.
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The Smurfs Halloween Figures

The Smurfs Halloween Figures
The Smurfs Halloween The Smurfs Halloween

Have a Smurfin' good time with this 8-piece Halloween Smurfs Set that contains each of the following: Dracula Smurf, Ghost Smurf, Mummy Smurf, Grim Reaper Smurf, Frankenstein Smurf, Pumpkin Smurf, Ghost Smurf and Witch Smurf.

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Virginie Ropars (28 Images)

Virginie Ropars
Virginie Ropars Virginie Ropars

Virginie Ropars’s figures are in between sculpture, fashion design and illustration, building up visions sometimes full of wonders, other times strange and gloomy where femininity took alway the main place. An inner world she primary expressed in drawings while she worked as a 2D/3D graphic artist for computer games and TV cartoon industry.

Virginie's work is shown throughout Europe in art galleries and art shows and also in United States and Russia.

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Werewolf in a Can

Werewolf in a Can
Werewolf in a Can Werewolf in a Can

This is a digitally sculpted, 3D printed and highly articulated Werewolf skeleton. In a can! The model consists of 22 parts, with 18 points of articulation, for a wide and realistic variety of poses. It stands approximately 7 inches tall when fully assemble in an upright pose. Each model also comes with assembly instructions, if you're in a rush to get it together, and two sets of hands, in opened and closed poses.

$70 @ Mythic Articulations
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