Kermis-en Circus Museum

Kermis-en Circus Museum
Kermis-en Circus Museum Kermis-en Circus Museum

In the middle of the picturesque town of Steenwijk, within walking distance of the railway station is located to the fairground and circus museum . A unique and cozy museum where visitors will find in every corner a new surprise.

The museum consists of three buildings connected by a pleasant courtyard. In the museum you will be welcomed by a professional worker and many volunteers, they can also arrange a tour with a complete explanation about everything there is to see in the museum.

The museum is growing and changing rapidly. There are constantly changing exhibitions and new acquisitions are shown again making a second visit is always attractive again .
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Norman Saunders

Norman Saunders

He was renowned for his luscious palette and exciting action scenes, his sexy women and his ability to shoot from the hip when facing a deadline! Norman Blaine Saunders' illustration career was as big and successful as any artist could hope for, and no single genre could contain his remarkable talent. He painted them all - aliens and aviators, heroes and hunters, detectives and demons, quarterbacks and comic books, sex kittens and serial killers, westerns and wacky packs!

He was curious about everything in life, and his paintings were enriched with his detailed studies of people, history, science and nature. No matter where his visual curiosity led, he branded that world with his own dynamic design, playful skepticism and a solemn belief that life is tough. He was shockingly irreverent a nonconformist who laughed at the self-righteous and advocated the School of Hard-Knocks. He was a colorful story-teller and an innovative thinker, charming, insightful and fearless. He loved women, children and puppies, and he always cried when the hero died.
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