Brute Force Studios

Brute Force Studios
Brute Force Studios Brute Force Studios

Purveyors of quality Victorian corsetry, Steampunk fashion, and props for all occasions.

Our mission is to create and inspire the finest and most cutting edge Steampunk and Alternate History creations on the face of this planet...and possibly others.

Supporting American industries and workers is very important to us. All of our materials, including fabric, metal, leather, and acrylic are made in the United States or imported from Sheffield, England. We do not outsource any of our labor to other countries. Even the fabric is milled in Pennsylvania.

Brute Force Studios, purveyors of fine art and mad science since 1995 is the brainchild of maker, artist, and author Thomas Willeford.
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Halloween Advent Calendar

Halloween Advent Calendar

Move the arrow to count down the days til Halloween with the Halloween Advent Calendar. Our Halloween Advent Calendar is hand-crafted, hand-painted and antiqued for that sought after vintage feel.

We hand mix all our own paint colors, making each game board unique and one of a kind due to the variations in the natural grain of the wood, paint and antiquing process.

Each game board will be carefully packaged and arrive signed and dated. Measures: 19" x 19"

$155 @ JohnnyUNamath
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Ghoultide Gathering 2014

Ghoultide Gathering
Ghoultide Gathering Ghoultide Gathering

A Magical Bazaar of Halloween Art featuring celebrated artists from across the country. Experience this must-see event and take home original Halloween works from celebrated artists.

Juried artisans are carefully selected for their originality and craftsmanship. The artists consider Ghoultide to be the top show of its kind and work year-round to conjure up their personal best for the affair. For that reason, devoted patrons are willing to travel from across the country to shop - they know the best of the best will be offered. Mischievous pumpkins, whimsical witches, and dancing ghosts are just a few of the engaging characters sure to be seen.

Three-dozen artists are brewing up pieces in a medley of mediums and forms including papier-mache sculptures, wood carvings, paintings, pottery, soft sculpture, ornaments and even found object creations, all based on the fantastical theme of Halloween.

October 4, 2014 / $5 at the Door
Chelsea Fairgrounds / Chelsea, Michigan View Map
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Witch’s Night Out

Witch's Night Out

A Haunting Halloween Classic!

It's a spooky surprise when a witch's magic wand falls into the wrong hands in this nostalgic Halloween special! A treat for the whole family, this magical animated adventure returns to you just in time to celebrate this spooktacular season!

When a witch hears of a party being held at her haunted mansion, she decides to bring on the fun! Showing off her magical tricks by turning the kids into whatever they want to be for Halloween. However, when her wand disappears the town is turned upside down!

Featuring the voice talent of Gilda Radner. Artwork by Jim Perez.

$10 @
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Halloween Specials

Halloween Specials

Reviews of Halloween specials and cartoons, both old and new hosted by Adam Selzer.

It just doesn't seem like Halloween without a viewing of Garfield's Halloween Adventure, Witch's Night Out, or Halloween is Grinch Night. There was a time when these were aired yearly, and it wasn't that long ago.

Alas, though we now have roughly 10 times as many tv channels as we did when I was a kid, most of the great old Halloween Specials have been swept under the rug of pop culture. Tossed into the dustbin of history. Hurled over the brink of relevance. Whatever. Many have never even been released on VHS, let alone DVD.

For the most part, Halloween specials stopped being made in the late 1980s. Many people had cable by then, so a TV special wasn't as big of a deal as it had been before. More importantly, the home video market had taken off. Suddenly, the annual airing wasn't your only chance to see any given special. At the same time, it started seeming like a better investment for companies to just make made-for-TV movies instead of half hour specials. Full length movies tended to sell better than 22 minute specials on the video market. But as the shows stopped being aired and VHS went out of date, most of the Halloween specials got lost along the way, surviving only in our memories, our VHS storage bins, and (eventually) on youtube. Relatively few of these have seen an official release on DVD.

With this site, I hope to compile some reviews and information about all of the great specials - as well as the great Halloween-themed episodes of various cartoon series (the line between "Halloween episode" and "Halloween special" can get a bit blurry, as you'll see), as well as some of the made-for-tv or straight-to-video Halloween movies that have come out over the years. And, while I'm on the general subject, I'll review the many versions of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow that have been released over the years (a special interest of mine).
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