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Chad Savage Chad Savage

Chad Savage was a dark artist from the moment his pudgy little hands were able to set crayon to paper. He was the kid that loved Halloween better than Christmas, rooted for Godzilla and Dracula, and really worried his Southern Baptist parents. It was very clear early on that Chad wanted to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year.

With a degree in illustration and graphic design, 20+ years’ experience drawing and designing for the horror genre and over 15 years’ experience in web design, Chad got his wish. Halloween, for him, is every day. His company Sinister Visions Inc. is thriving, providing web design, print design, illustration, sound design, font design and more for the horror, Halloween and haunted attraction industries. Sinister Visions currently hosts/manages close to 200 dark websites; odds are you’ve already been to at least 10 of them.

Chad’s artwork has appeared in (and on the cover of) numerous books and magazines and garnered awards from same. His original fonts have appeared on books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and in movies. Besides running genre sites like and, he is the Art Director and Lead Designer for Zombie Army Productions, annual horror/haunt conventions Flashback Weekend, Halloween Extreme, the World Horror Convention, HAuNTcon and TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show. His company Sinister Visions proudly sponsors numerous dark genre events and projects.

Ann Marie and Friends

Chad Savage - Ann Marie and Friends

Never Bury a Corpse

Chad Savage - Never Bury a Corpse

You Don't Scare Jack

Chad Savage - You Don't Scare Jack

Grave Golem

Chad Savage - Grave Golem

Bloodcurdling Terror Horror

Chad Savage - Bloodcurdling Terror Horror


Chad Savage - HALcLOWnEEN

Raptor 5: Corvus

Chad Savage - Raptor 5: Corvus


Chad Savage - Zomb-O-Lanterns

Shadow Man

Chad Savage - Shadow Man

The Halloween Lovers

Chad Savage - The Halloween Lovers

Jack In, Jack On, Jack Out

Chad Savage - Jack In, Jack On, Jack Out

Psycho Circus Album Cover

Chad Savage - Psycho Circus Album Cover

The Great Pumpkin

Chad Savage - The Great Pumpkin

Dia de las Calabazas

Chad Savage - Dia de las Calabazas


Chad Savage - Hallontine

Harvest King

Chad Savage - Harvest King

Death: The Fourth Horseman

Chad Savage - Death: The Fourth Horseman

Autumn Benediction

Chad Savage - Autumn Benediction

Chicago Zombie Prom 2011

Chad Savage - Chicago Zombie Prom 2011

Ace of Hearts

Chad Savage - Ace of Hearts

Jack the Reaper

Chad Savage - Jack the Reaper

Autumn Conjurer

Chad Savage - Autumn Conjurer

Autumn Acolyte

Chad Savage - Autumn Acolyte

Jack O' Lantern

Chad Savage - Jack O' Lantern
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