Christel Michiels

Christel Michiels
Christel Michiels Christel Michiels

I’m Christel Michiels and I’m graphic designer from Belgium. I discovered the art of Photo Manipulation on Deviantart, a major creative community, which I joined in 2006. This curiosity became a passion but my first drafts lacked technique and signification. Communication by imagery is very important to me. I’ve finally found my format and my style after many hours of trial and practice. My craft evolved most between 2008-2009 and a new passion was born in the form of Darkyria Design.Darkyria Design is the creative name that I chose because it reflects my personality and my art. This new knowledge of Photo Manipulation was added to previous skills acquired earning my bachelor degree in Graphic Design and it allows me to explore beauty in darkness, forgotten worlds, myths and legends but it is also a great way to narrate stories with my own vision and to give and share some of my feelings with other people through characters. My primary work is with fantasy and with emotional and dark illustrations. Most often I choose female character as the main subject.
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