Creature Feature

Creature Feature Is A Two-Fiend Band From Lost Angeles, California, That Specializes In The Macabre, The Hidden, The Whimsical, The Concealed, The Nightmarish, The Unseen, The Morbid, The Unexplainable, The Ghoulish, And The Unfathomable.

Creature Feature Is The Deviant Brain Child Of Two Sinister Composers Named Curtis Rx And Erik X. Formed On Halloween Of All Days, These Two Maniacal Groundskeepers In The Torture Garden Of Auditory Delight Have Taken It Upon Themselves To Draw From Their Twisted Childhood's And Invent A Band That Transcends Bands, A Band That Becomes Everything You Believed In As A Child, A Band That Becomes Halloween 365 Days A Year, A Band That Forces You Remember Why You Used To Sleep With The Lights On, A Band That Becomes The Perfect Merger Of Music And Film.

Creature Feature Doesn't Exist In The Same Mundane World As We Know It, They Live In A World All Their Own, A World That Has No Constraints Nor Boundaries. The Kind Of World Everyone Dreams About, Full Of Evil Carnivals, Flying Specters, Shambling Corpses, Dancing Skeletons, Radioactive Overgrown Insects, Talking Pumpkins, Alien Invasions, Haunted Houses, Body Snatchings, Premature Burials, Doppelgangers, Sea Beasts, Evil Magicians, Abominable Snowmen, Menacing Robots, Despicable Phantoms, Moldering Mummies, Thirsty Vampires, Wandering Werewolves, And Kidnappings Most Foul.

We Are Creature Feature And You'll Dig Us Like A Grave.
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