Doorless Chambers

Doorless Chambers
Doorless Chambers Doorless Chambers

Doorless Chambers is an annual online trick-or-treating event. It is made up of several participating websites/individuals, each contributing a family-oriented, Halloween-themed treat.

The week-long event is FREE to everyone, and it begins on October 25, so mark your calendars. When it's time, come right back to this website to begin your trick-or-treating journey. Or, you can start from any of the websites in the Neighborhood.

There are no costumes, no strangers, no worries about candy/public safety, or candy-induced stomach aches (although some treats may be pretty "sweet"). But, if you REALLY want to wear a costume, we won't stop you.

One of the goals of Doorless Chambers is to expose guests to websites that they may have never known existed. So, be sure to bookmark any website that you seem to enjoy.
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