Doug Horne

Doug Horne
Doug Horne Doug Horne

Doug Horne's entertainingly and often bizarrely imaginative art encompasses an entire parallel universe done up in Kennedy-era retro. His is a vividly colorful mind in which fez-wearin' monkeys chomp cigars and belly up to the bar; where the devil wears a lampshade while Martin Denny plays in the background.

A Phoenix native, Horne is a true lowbrow Leonardo; a rock-'em-'sock-'em Rembrandt; a pulp-fiction Pollack whose dazzligly colorful and imaginative digital art evokes a mid-'40s to mid-'60s era that was more fun, more innocent, and more likely to be wiped out by giant mutant bugs created by runaway nuclear testing or laser-totin' martians in hot rods and smoking jackets.

You get the picture. And what a picture...
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