Ed Repka

Ed Repka
Ed Repka Ed Repka

A connoisseur of the grotesque and proponent of supernatural realism, Ed Repka is known worldwide for his illustrations of Vic Rattlehead, Megadeth's skeletal mascot, which for over a decade have adorned CD covers, posters, t-shirts, and hordes of other metal merchandise.

Regarded as the undisputed king of "Thrash" metal art of the '80's, he specializes in menacing reminders of impending apocalypse, and grim visions of the irradiated aftermath. His vibrant abuse of color and shadow combined with darkly satirical characterizations form his distinctive style which has garnered commissions from clients such as Atlantic Records, Brockum, Capital Records, Earache, Metal Blade, Ryko, Roadrunner, Screamin', Topps, and others for use on CD covers, video covers, posters, trading cards, t-shirts, toys, and comics.

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