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Electric Zombie
Electric Zombie Electric Zombie

It's a clothing company, stupid...

Electric Zombie is a clothing brand based out of The Sunshine State, that was created and ran by Kyle Crawford. The line features visions and images of horror as well as 80's and 90's pop culture that stemmed from his childhood.

Drawing influences of skateboarding, music, punk, horror, comic books, toys, cartoons, and pieces from his childhood, which struck the heart of many. "I just want to make what I love. Even if I don't wear the shirt, I put 100% into it. I don't want to put out a product that would sellout. Or make something that wasn't something I believe in. Every design, every thought, every color, is me. It's a piece of my brain, my memories, and my life. To me, it's like when you smell a smell, or eat oreos with milk, or a peanut butter and jelly, watching your favorite movie. It's like a walking time capsule. It just takes you back, and brings a smile to your face. All my favorite shows, my favorite toys, thrown into my mind, given a twist and then pressed on a shirt. I still collect toys, watch wrestling, eat junk food and watch scary movies. I'm still a kid. I think everyone still has that part of them. I do my best to bring it out and re-imagine it in cotton form. You can't help but point and smile, and want that on your torso. Even if I don't use a subject for an idea, something can be used to spark a new idea, or a fresh take on one. I used to be a huge nickelodeon kid. So of course, orange and green, is a big part of my aesthetic and theme. When you see the green, it pops into your brain, SLIMER, NINJA TURTLES, MUTAGEN, OOZE, YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION, just from a color. It's amazing how the brain works and how the smallest of things can trigger a memory. It's all about doing what you love, be true to yourself and just be real. People are drawn to that, and can easily relate to it, and respect it.

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