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Erich Lubatti

It all began innocently enough. A young boy of three sitting with his family in the living room on a Saturday night, preparing to watch some movie called "Frankenstein" on television. By the end of that evening, however, that three-year-old, already with a flare for artistic expression, would not be the same child. His imagination was stirred with the opening scene. The thrill of wonder and discovery downed and rose with each passing reel of film, until the very phrase that defined this momentous occasion was shouted from the lips of the Monster's creator: "It's alive! It's alive! It's alive!"

From that point on, this child had the urge to create his own "Monsters"...

Red Jack

Erich Lubatti - Red Jack


Erich Lubatti - Zombinski

The Monster

Erich Lubatti - The Monster


Erich Lubatti - Lenny


Erich Lubatti - Wormface


Erich Lubatti - Krampus


Erich Lubatti - Lochlan

He's Back

Erich Lubatti - He's Back


Erich Lubatti - Guhl


Erich Lubatti - Torched


Erich Lubatti - Pusbucket
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