Genzoman – Gonzalo Ordoñez (25 Images)


Genzoman is the pseudonym of Gonzalo Ordoñez, a Chilean freelance illustrator, working for Mitos y leyendas TCG, Udon Studios, World of Warcraft, Legend of the five rings, Universal fighting system, etc.

Count Dracula

Genzoman - Count Dracula


Genzoman - Hellequin


Genzoman - Lilith

Elizabeth Bathory

Genzoman - Elizabeth Bathory

Nosferatu - Count Orlok

Genzoman - Nosferatu - Count Orlok

Vampire vs Werewolf

Genzoman - Vampire vs Werewolf

Little by Little

Genzoman - Little by Little

The Crow

Genzoman - The Crow


Genzoman - Dracula


Genzoman - Erinyes


Genzoman - Zombie


Genzoman - Chaos

Hell Gate

Genzoman - Hell Gate

Et Tamen Stellae

Genzoman - Et Tamen Stellae

Eisheth Zenunim

Genzoman - Eisheth Zenunim

Ron Alister

Genzoman - Ron Alister

Sunless Skies

Genzoman - Sunless Skies


Genzoman - Medusa

Ekhidna: Mother of Monsters

Genzoman - Ekhidna: Mother of Monsters

Guilty Gear I-No

Genzoman - Guilty Gear I-No

Playing with the Devil

Genzoman - Playing with the Devil

Jack O Lantern

Genzoman - Jack O Lantern


Genzoman - Pestilence

Spider Witch

Genzoman - Spider Witch

Alicia Vampire Girl

Genzoman - Alicia Vampire Girl
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