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Ghastly Creations
Ghastly Creations Ghastly Creations

Jeff Wehenkel is a self taught sculptor, mask maker located in San Francisco California. He has worked for mask companies including: Don Post Studios, Chaotic Creations, Death Studios, Darkside Studios, Beyond the grave productions, as well as founding GAG Studios in 1989. Jeff continued his association with GAG Studios until 2000, when he began doing work for other companies and individual collectors. His work has been featured in : "Home Improvement, Roseanne, Moontrap, Mosquito, Hellmaster, The Dead and the Damned, WWE, Weird Science (TV), Class of Nuke em' High 2, Escape from LA, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper and Dead Like Me", to name a few. He has also provided props for Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. To date Jeff has done hundreds of masks and props and he's dying to make something for you.
In: Masks, Sculpture
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