Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship is a truly unique haunted experience! You'll be transported out to sea aboard our haunted vessel where there will be no escape from the terror! This will be an experience you will not want to miss if you are someone with a high tolerance for fear.

Ghost Ship is comprised of three floors of highly interactive content. The gut of the shop will bring the poor souls throug the abandoned hallways of what was once the treatment deck for those in need of electro-shock therapy, hydrotherapy and sleep disorder rehabilitation as well as the old examination rooms and even morgue.

The middle floor will appear to provide a moment of calm where patrons can grab a cocktail and take in the old ballroom vibe of the 1930's. However, appearances can be incredibly deceiving. Don't let you guard down too much while you sip on your cocktail because it just may end up on your lap.

The top deck will bring gluttons for punishment through an interactive execution eperience that just may make them wonder "who" is actually getting executed.

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Newport Beach, California View Map
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