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Grim Stitch Factory
Grim Stitch Factory Grim Stitch Factory

At the Grim Stitch Factory the rural tradition and folklore of the scarecrow is the sole inspiration behind every stitch of twine I pull through fabric; and behind ever mask I make and deliver to you.

Now admittedly, I never grew up on a farm. I wasn't even born rural. I am simply an artist, inspired by the look of death and decay. So it is hardly surprising that I enjoy urban exploring; finding old abandoned farms, houses, and factories and crawling around inside to see what is left and wondering what once was and admiring how beautiful it has become.

At the Grim Stitch Factory a sense of rural tradition goes into every scarecrow mask that I make. It's burlap, twine, pliers, and needles. And since farmers never used air brushes, neither do I. Only brushes.
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